“They write: “family of four, save us.” A few hours later, a new message comes from them: “Grandfather has already drowned. A family of three…” There are many such messages

The creator and coordinator of the volunteer group and chat in Oleshki, Yaroslav Vasiliev, told ASTRA that after more than two days, the situation in the city and other settlements after the incident at the Kakhovskaya HPP on the left bank has not improved. Yaroslav Vasiliev says that volunteers find the boats on their own, but at the checkpoint in Radensk, not only volunteers, but also the boats themselves are not allowed into the flooded points. People without Russian passports are not allowed out of settlements.

"There was a guy with a Ukrainian passport in Oleshki, they didn't let him out in Radensk, and he turned around and returned to Oleshki. This was back when there was not so much water. Now we have no connection with this guy" says Yaroslav ASTRA. Two more people tell ASTRA that people with Ukrainian passports face problems in the occupied territories. “*First of all, they save people with Russian passports*,” says a source from Novaya Kakhovka. The information is also confirmed by a resident Oleshek.

Vasiliev tells ASTRA that the number of reports of drowned people is growing every hour. Those volunteers who are already in the occupied settlements tell Yaroslav that the EMERCOM of the Russian Federation was seen there only once in two and a half days.

“Yesterday the Ministry of Emergency Situations took away two people in Oleshki, left and never returned. And there people are sitting on the roofs, everyone asked for help. Our volunteers saved them,” says Yaroslav.

Reminder in the beginning of this year, russians forced the population of annexed territories to get a russian passport, treating everyone who didn't do it as an illegal foreigner. A couple of months ago, putler signed a law permitting deportation of anyone without a russian passport in the occupied territories if their presence "causes threat to the stability of the region".

Is it genocide yet or are Ukrainians at fault again, for crossing the red line or something...

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