Some notes regarding Fedisearch and opensource .

We mentioned earlier that is not opensource. Despite many benefit opensourcing could bring to the community, we have reservations:

Disabling fedisearch's compliance mechanism to robots.txt and robots meta tag is quite trivial.

Having folks run individual deployment of fedisearch that indifferently indexes everyone's content would severely damage fedisearch's reputation, and most likely will kill this project in its incubation.

Hence, no opensource, unless there's a good solution to the problem above.


@fedisearch this discussion is moot.

anyone could run an indexer without telling the public, and _nobody_ would notice (i bet google and other indexers internall don't give a flying fsck on robots.txt). so my 2 cent:

- opensource it, folks who want to ignore robots.txt etc. will do so anyway.

- if you don't like being indexed, don't put it in the internet, it doesn't forget.

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