the apologetism vibes for microsoft are strong today.

look, if you don't check that your dependencies do crazy things, it's _your_ fault. if that is too hard for you because 10k deps, your ecosystem is broken anyway.

look, if a developer has "crazy" theories on social media, that doesn't make it less shitty that his account on a totally unrelated service gets locked and his stuff is fucked with even if it's open source.

so many bad takes on the marak stuff, many people really seem to have been brainwashed into loving their new masters and the defective way software is developed today.

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@bonifartius Seriously, what is happening? I just signed up here.

@neXtTech marak likes to fuck with people by building good js libs and then changing stuff after some time (infinite loops etc.). I think he's done github activism before, but i might be wrong. the point is that he isn't responsible if someone uses it and then gets bitten by that, especially not big corporations.

@bonifartius I don't know who marak is but he sounds like an asshole

@neXtTech might be an asshole, but that doesn't change that he got a point and that the web ecosystem is fundamentally broken. people should be happy it's this kind of stuff and not anything worse.

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