tbh, i had a slight «it's so over» moment yesterday due to all the BS going on.

i'm not going to have my mood ruined again by bullshit though, so i pick «we're gonna make it bro» for now. fuck the psyop bullshit.

@McMongoose there was some article about EU going full retard in preparation for WW3 or something and i'd rather not die in a ditch for NWO. after the experience of the last years i can be pretty sure that my countrymen will eagerly participate and joyously fuck over everyone dodging a draft. guess one has to get creative.

@McMongoose tl;dr sometimes the bullshit bombardment just hits a nerve ;)

Wenn Sie eingezogen werden, werden Sie einfach völlig verrückt und beschwören Sie den Geist von Ernst Jung :0160:

I bet all on "nothing will happen" haven't lost so far and I don't think I will.

@McMongoose maybe to jabber relentlessly about a mixture of fringe political and religious concepts while soiling myself is a good backup plan.

Nah, that's just the current status of 2023 "normal" people :0010:
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