In the interest of learning new (new-ish I guess since it's not really a new language?) things, I've been working through some introductory guides. It really makes me wish had a built-in template project like "rails new" that creates all the default config settings and files rather than having to build all that from scratch. Unless it has that and I just missed it along the way?


@wxheather Django!

I am thinking about writing a backend for my website so I can do some kinda blogging while I am finishing my undergrad.

@brandonb_phy @wxheather came here to say this. I think the most comparable framework in the #Python ecosystem is #django.

#python ~= #ruby
#django ~= #rails

@brandonb_phy Thanks! I've heard of Django but never spent a ton of time trying to use it. Is it mainly built for support web applications or can it be used for python projects that are for non-web purposes?

@wxheather You know I'm not too sure, I think if you just return back data from the controller instead of HTML it can function how you like. I would defer to @mattkram I haven't personally used it before, they might know more.

@brandonb_phy @wxheather unfortunately I don't actually have much #django experience. I did some early tutorials but all my web work has used #flask, #fastapi, and #paneldata.

Django is certainly the most complete web framework that I'm aware of, but the right app framework definitely depends on the use case. If you're doing data apps in python I definitely recommend a look at , from some of my colleagues at #anaconda (and community).

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