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I see people wearing winter coats and hats. What a bunch of fucking sheep! LOL! I did my own research and found out that only 1500 people die from hypothermia in the US per year. That's only 0.0005% of the population. They live in fear of something that 99.9995% of people won't die from. It gets better, a lot of the people who died from hypothermia were wearing coats and hats, and they still died! Coats don't work!

So much of humanization, or lack thereof, in our systems come down to whether the things people tell us about their own lived experience is deemed valid data.

January 17, 1893 - Queen Lili`uokalani of the independent kingdom of Hawai`i was overthrown as she was arrested at gunpoint by U.S. Marines.

American businessmen, particularly sugar plantation owners, led by Lorrin Thurston, had supported annexation of the islands to the United States. The Queen had been working on a new constitution that would restore voting rights to native Hawaiians.


After a tough day, a tiny octopus finds somewhere safe to have a snooze, in this handy clam shell.

Photographed in Lembah Strait, off Indonesia, by Franco Tulli (Australian Nature Photographer Awards 2021). #octopus #octopi #photography


I think this was the problem, the trace on the near edge at the right. It’s nice when the flaw is visible.

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Managed to fix the TV remote today.

Hadn’t used it for months. Batteries leaked and it didn’t work even with new batteries.

The trace on the circuit board for power was corroded. Adding jumper to take the power where it was needed took care of it.

More importantly his answer on abortion, rather than outline policy expressed the way republicans *feel* about abortion. He expressed religious righteousness, but also ambivalence "some women don't know they are pregnant at 5 weeks." He reaffirmed that "we are the good people" by pivoting to how Democrats are evil "HRC wants to rip the baby right out!"

This helps his audience regain a sense of moral clarity on an issue that can be morally difficult for them. 4/

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The two artists comprising Bad Dog managed to regain ownership of their music after scammers renamed it, published it on streaming services, and started collecting payments. There must be other musicians who weren't so lucky.

Gift article:

Negligence can kill; Boeing isn’t the only US co that’s guilty of prioritizing profits over safeguards, but Boeing’s primary bus is safely flying millions of passengers. The FAA will demand changes & fines will be imposed, but their bus model & culture must also be transformed: This debacle is bound to raise concerns that Boeing was unduly focused on returning to profitability ASAP after the 2018 & 2019 crashes that killed 346 people. #CorporateNegligence #CorporateGreed

Be a Mr Rogers.
- Wear comfy shoes.
- Celebrate kindness.
- Sow affirmations.
- Tell people you love them.
- Save time for make-believe.
- Sing silly little made up songs.
- Feed the fish.
- Testify before Senate subcommittee hearings and MAKE them listen to your demands.
- Wear sweaters.

My million dollar idea I want someone to steal and do, so I can be a customer.

"Dumb Stuff" we sell electronic appliances that aren't Internet connected. That's all.

That's it. That's the pitch. I would buy the <bleep> out of this company if their electronic gadgets were even half way decent, and repairable.

Electronic, no wifi, regular screws to open it up. That's it. Do those three things, and you can be sold by this store.

I will pay this business to curate and find these devices for me.

Today with breathtaking clarity the political journalists of the New York Times show us they cannot rise to the challenge of this election. The will portray it as just two candidates clashing, each calling the other a threat to democracy. “Reality Is at Stake” the headline reads—but these reporters will not tell us what the reality is, even though they know.

RIP Niklaus Wirth (1934–2024)

Thank you for Pascal, the programming language I and many others got started with.

I just finished day 22 of Advent of Code. I've tried a new approach for the last two problems I've done, and it worked out well.

I've read about "rubber duck debugging", where you explain what your doing to somebody else, event a rubber duck, to help expose issues.

I've also heard people say that writing is an excellent way to clarify your own thinking, even if nobody else reads it.

So I tried writing a blog entry, step by step, as I worked through these two problems. It was very enjoyable, and didn't seem to take much extra time.

I intend to keep this up for the last three problems of 2023 and see how it goes.

@GottaLaff As an RN, I feel strongly: at least in hospitals, masks should be mandatory, now and forever.

They laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian – they’re not laughing now.


The New York Times once published an article saying that #Hitler wasn’t really that bad. He was just using #antisemitism as a way to attract followers and keep them excited about his political campaign.

The New York Times has recently published an article saying that #Trump isn’t really that bad. He is just using threats of #violence and #authoritarianism as a way to attract followers and keep them excited about his political campaign.

#Politics #Journalism #Media #Press #News

It’s a good thing they have “safe” bike parking at the SEA airport.

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