Periodic reminder: The only way to write good code is to write tons of shitty code first. Feeling shame about bad code stops you from getting to good code.

In a healthy town, there are
both private spaces and public spaces.

Sure, there is privates houses and privates offices. Some you can access with an invitation, some that require identification, some you just cannot access at all. This is all fine.

But there are also lots of public spaces. There is parks, sidewalks, beaches, town centers, libraries, malls, pubs, and all kind of other spaces where everyone can enter and exchange together freely and safely.

It is the same with the internet.

Sure some spaces will be
locked and should be locked. But we also need public spaces.

Spaces that do not require an account or an email to access, spaces where people can meet together and exchange ideas for just a moment or regularly. Spaces where people can freely access information without requiring identification or invitation.

This is essential to democracy, to equality, to share knowledge globally across communities.

Be very vigilant about
legislation and new platforms that endanger these public spaces.

If we do not nurture them,
We might very well lose them.

The fact that I know more about Fani Willis’ and Nathan Wade’s relationship than I do about the crimes committed by Ginni Thomas and Clarence Thomas shows exactly what is terribly wrong with today’s political mainstream media.

The experience of reading this was of a high eerie whistling sound coming from somewhere high up as the first batch of quotations scrolled by and then a series of explosions getting closer and louder

Imagine if all the collective money spent of “self driving cars” had been spent on public transport.

As in, not cars - which are ultimately bad solutions for most of the world - but punctual and pervasive clean-energy public trams, trains, and buses.

It’d have cost less and been far more useful for far more people. Including non-drivers. And actually be here. Today. Working.

my biggest complaint about AI is we didn’t ask for it. zero popular movements took to the streets to demand AI. no one sat around kitchen tables lamenting how hard life is without AI.

what people want is health care, housing, climate change solutions, etc We sit around kitchen tables wondering how to pay for college, get loved ones the psych and addiction support they need, or help the people on our streets who need homes

@zardoz03 reminds me of some advice I used to give about tests:

Imagine you’re telling someone how to use the software over the phone. Any setup you’d abbreviate (“now log in”) should be similarly abbreviated (hidden behind functions) in the test.

And imagine telling the person what to look at to see if the attempt worked. If you wouldn’t mention some particular bit of output/result, the test shouldn’t either.

Applies to both unit and end-to-end tests.

Let's stop mincing words and playing fucking games. Call things what they are. Use precise language. Traitors, fascists, nazis, confederates, terrorism, dictator, authoritarianism, racists are some of the proper descriptors.

Pinched from bird site. Posting as a reminder to myself. #activism

I am fond of pointing out that in the early part of the pandemic, we stopped flu in its tracks completely (and even wiped out a whole strain) by wearing crappy masks badly. Well, it turns out those same crappy masks prevented a whole boatload of COVID too! Pretty good for crappy masks, worn badly.

I've worked in this industry for over a quarter of a century.

At no point have I found myself thinking "I wish I could just ask the computer to write this email for me" "I wish the computer could write my code for me". MS is adding co pilot function to lots of products. Not as opt in. But opt out. And it's a right hassle to turn it off? Why? So someone can ask it to right a longer email from a prompt that the recipient can then ask the AI to summarise for them ?


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I saw this online somewhere and I just had to recreate it. This is my coding happy place.

@freemo My Home feed is not working. It's showing this toot and nothing else. Local and Federated look fine.

@freemo Thanks for all the work over the long weekend. Much appreciated.

I've missed #ILoveFreeSoftwareDay but maybe it's not too late. People say thanks to big projects like Linux, Git, or Python. But I want to acknowledge the contribution of people who are usually forgotten:

1. That person who faced the same issue as I, asked online, found a solution, and wrote it down.

2. That person who did research I need and spent time to make a blog post.

3. That person who made a small library that solves a very specific problem and published it on Github.

Thank you ❤️

This government official’s choice of words reveals that she defines ‘terrorism’ as something done exclusively by foreigners—a definition that exists neither in the law nor in the English language, but in the imaginations of many.

Could it be that pickup trucks are getting too big and tall? Why would you want a truck with a bed that high?

@KimPerales Everyone likes to blame it on social media but car-centric city design and a lack of spaces where you can just exist and hang out without paying are a big part of it too - and that was a problem before social media. We don’t make it easy to just hang out and meet people in much of this country.

@amaditalks Yes, because partner is watching it. And ads. And general cultural literacy.

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