“cultural evolution can take us only so far. Now we have the scientific method to tell us that, yes, we really do need to leave the cassava for two days, but, no, the volcano does not care about the goats. When we understand from first principles, we can make progress more quickly than by trial and error and imitation. But we should not look down on the kind of collective intelligence… It is what made civilisation—and a functioning economy—possible.” —Tim Hartford



Here in Canada, it is the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. In the image below the narwhal represents the Inuit, the beaded flower represents the Métis and the eagle represents the First Nations. The stars are for the children who never came home from the residential schools. The pathway represents the road forward and the circle represents togetherness in the spirit of reconciliation. #TruthAndReconciliation #Canada #EveryChildMatters

For me, right to to repair isn't just about ewaste, and preventing corporate gouging.

It's about mental health. Being able to fix your gadgets is therapeutic. Empowering. Good for the soul.

In a world full of complex technology it's easy to feel small and helpless. And maybe I'm too much of an idealist, but I think that if everyone could experience the joy of fixing or modifying a gadget now and then we'd all be a little more open minded, a little more daring. A little harder to push around.

Rich Americans Are Stiffing the Taxman to the Tune of $66 Billion

America’s rich deadbeats just won’t stop deadbeating. On Thursday, Senate Finance Committee chair Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) revealed that his committee had IRS data for tax years 2017-2020 showing that more than 1.4 million wealthy Americans had neglected to file a federal return. All told, these shirkers potentially owe the... #press


I'm giving a virtual seminar at Columbia University on Monday Oct 2.

They let me choose what I wanted to talk about (mistake!), so...

I'll be talking about why AI should play Dungeons and Dragons

Open to the public, register here:

Seems weird that Americans obsess over free speech but have no concept of freedom for listeners.

RT @jme_pew Turns out “microplastics” isn’t descriptive enough. We should be panicking about *tire dust.*

“Seventy-eight percent of ocean microplastics are synthetic tire rubber, according to a report by the Pew Charitable Trust.”


So today @Teri_Kanefield put up an analysis of the problematic legal issues surrounding a gag order for Trump >>> law-and-politics.online/@Teri_

Rather than learn from Ms. Kanefield's vast expertise in these matters, some responses gave vent to their anger against Trump by accusing her of taking his side etc.

Listen up. Mastodon is not a cheering squad. Most of us value honest in-depth facts, even if uncomfortable, and we treasure those who contribute their time and expertise to keeping us informed.

I want a city builder where you start with a super dense car-ridden city and you have the challenge to build in green spaces and public transit and stuff to increase the happiness of the residents.

FCC announces plans to reinstate net neutrality

After a long, long battle ending in eventual defeat during Trump’s presidency, the FCC is set to reinstate rules that broadband providers must treat all traffic equally, giving no sweetheart deals to business partners or their own services.


Judy Locklear Stephens, nurse, Crowne Healthcare, Fort Payne, Alabama, died of Covid-19 in 2020. She was kind and caring, and treated her patients like family. Her colleagues carried her casket. We lost so many talented, brilliant, caring doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals during this global pandemic. Honor them by getting your vaccine booster and remaining vigilant. #HealthcareHeroes #COVID19

NASA Battery Tech to Deliver for the Grid

A battery built for satellites brings grid-scale storage down to Earth


From the former head of trust and safety at Twitter:

"The broader challenge here — and perhaps, the inescapable one — is the essential humanness of online trust and safety efforts. It isn’t machine learning models and faceless algorithms behind key content moderation decisions: it’s people. And people can be pressured, intimidated, threatened and extorted. Standing up to injustice, authoritarianism and online harms requires employees who are willing to do that work."

"Few people could be expected to take a job doing so if the cost is their life or liberty. We all need to recognize this new reality, and to plan accordingly."


Yup, this tracks. https://xkcd.com/2832/

It took me a while to get there, but I’m pretty much full on “war on cars” at this point.

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