@arush, was just looking at arush.io. I need to make my site look like that. Well, maybe not exactly, for I don't want to emulate your exact look, but something similar. You're using both the POSSE as well as the PESOS tactics there, aren't you? Particularly for swarm? (that's cool you have your swarm stuff showing up. better not show that to my parents. LOL) But that's the main reason why cambridgeport90.net is down right now.

@cambridgeport90 Yes I am using POsSE and PESOS. I need to tweak my Swarm stuff because it's coming as notes when I want it to come in as check-ins. YOu can use ownyourswarm.p3k.io to bring your Swarm stuff in once you get Indieauth set up on your site.

@arush That's awesome. Haven't heard of that one yet. Well, need to actually consider whether or not that's a good idea. Last time I tagged a location on Facebook, parents weren't too happy when they found out about it LOL. Though I think I broke them of that one, hopefully …

@cambridgeport90 I don't know how old you are or what location it is, but my personal rule of thumb is that I'm an adult, I pay my own bills, and if my mom or any other family member has a problem with where I'm going they know what to do about it: Get over it or die mad, their pick. :)

@arush I'm 29. And I think they eventually got over it when my mother had it happen to her. And speaking of notes, I was just looking at those. Which plugin is that?

@cambridgeport90 Notes and all the other post kinds are controlled by the Post Kinds plugin, which extends WordPress's native post formats feature and provides some basic templates for each kind. YOu can also add templates for each kind to your theme.

@arush good to know. Not sure I want to go too crazy with this on the organization website, but definitely on mine. I think having too many kinds of posts on our public web presence would probably confuse the hell out of a lot of people. What do you think?

@cambridgeport90 With the post kinds plugin, each post kind has a brief description at the top of its archive page. On customerservant.com I use notes, issues, replies, likes, watches, listens, reads, and articles. But you don't have to use all of them or even most of them on your corporate site if you don't want. It's up to you.

@arush awesome! You've definitely given me some things to shoot for.

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