Toots look quite nice as well, however there aren't multiple panes for federated, local, following, etc. like there are for Mastodon. I have seen that Pleroma is fully compatible with any Mastodon client and, according to what I read, that even includes the Mastodon WebUI which is a big plus; I love versatility and options.

1. User settings: 2FA, Bio, PFP, etc import/export, etc.

2. General Settings: Background, theme, notification filtering, timeline view, etc.

3. User search

4. Expand to see the rest of the conversation

5. Open the post in a new tab (only works if public)

6. Character limit: Pleroma lets you post pretty much without a limit. This raised the question of how Mastodon handles it. You can see that it actually shows all the content if you expand it:

Formatting works well in Pleroma but not at all in Mastodon. The first image is from the former and the second from the latter.

Pleroma also does HTML formatting but I'll leave that to you to test 😉

@amolith Looks like I might end up doing a server instead of a server?

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