Still no documentation and not anywhere close to done, but my #ActivityPub #PHP library is open source at

My goal is to provide a well-tested, flexible library that handles the complicated parts of ActivityPub (JSON-LD, persistence, addressing, etc.) in a way that can be plugged into an existing PHP codebase with no hassle. That'll help me refactor #Pterotype, and will also make it easy for other developers to make developers to make plugins for Joomla, Drupal, etc.

@jdormit One of my goals for the comming years, not sure whether it could be 2019 or not, depends on how quickly I catch onto C#, but I want to make a library for .NET for ActivityPub first, because it's simpler, and then Zot. second. Seems that all of the other frameworks are covered. Fact that .NET folks are left out's been driving me nuts for a while now.

For sure, make it happen! The more platforms we get on the network the better it gets.


@jdormit Is it even possible, though? I think if it were, then wouldn't someone have done it already? DNN community sorta laughed at me in an odd way when I mentioned it to them. Acted like they didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I mean, the new standards of ActivityPub, Webmention, and so on can't be that new, can they? Then again, there's that whole misconception that anything written for the .NET Framework isn't open source because the underlying OS is not open source. That definition is too narrow for me.

I don't see why it wouldn't be possible, it's just a specification. I don't know too much about The .NET ecosystem though so I can't comment on what it would look like. The API I'm aiming for with my library is a "bring-your-own-database" kind of thing - you configure the DB details and the library gives you a nice API to create, send, and receive Activities.

@jdormit I'm liking that. Could be nice for SQL server supported applications, too. Often wondered, as well whether Pterotype works on ProjectNami, the version of Wordpress that supports native SQL Server rather than MariaDB. (it will if it doesn't use database calls, but instead relies only on the WP API.) And I know that this is a complete nonsequetur, but I'm also from Boston. I'm hoping that I can run into you at a meetup sometime; I always attend those where I can.

It probably would, but I haven't tested it out. The Cambridgeport reference in your username gave you away πŸ˜† What sort of meetups do you go to? The only one I regularly is the Clojure Group meetup at Akamai in Kendall, but I would like to go to more

@jdormit I'm absolutely everywhere. another favorite of mine is Powershell, even though I haven't been to one of those meetings in a while. And, who knows, I might join you one of these days. That sounds like a rather interesting language. I've heard of it, though never studied it.

@cambridgeport90 @jdormit If y'all know of other generic/extensible ActivityPub libraries in static language libraries please let me know. I am putting together a talk and want to be sure I have an accurate picture of the landscape, and I am not sure how up to date mayel's list of decentralized AP-based apps is.

@cj @jdormit If I find any more, I'll definitely do that. I know that Django supports some of the features, not sure about activityPub off hand, though.

Sounds interesting, will the talk be available online?


@jdormit If so, I'm going to definitely want to listen, and then share with some people in our community who need to learn.

@jdormit @cambridgeport90 If It gets accepted (I don't know if it will) by the committee at FOSDEM, then yes it would be recorded.

As far as I know, most ActivityPub apps are rolling their own implementation. Why static languages?

After I get #Pterotype to a stable place, I'm going to start on a Clojure ActivityPub library to support another project I've been thinking about.


@jdormit @cambridgeport90 Because "generic" or "extensible" plus "static typing" is a very challenging challenging for implementing #ActivityPub.

There's less considerations when an app rolls its own specific implementation regardless of language typing.

When implementing a "generic" or "extensible" library, dynamic typing has less challenges.

@cj @jdormit Oh boy. Looks like I have a bit of a difficult future ahead of me, doesn't it?

@cambridgeport90 Yeah, but I don't mean to discourage. Instead, once you do tackle it, you can take solace in the fact that you succeeded despite picking the road less travelled.

@cj In other words, it's not impossible, just hard … Well, this will be an experiment then to see whether or not I can successfully use the C# dynamic language extensions for something like this. Or … might think about IronPython? Thoughts?

@cambridgeport90 I know there's some Python implementations of ActivityPub that you may be able to use as a reference (see I am not familiar with the additional constraints of the .NET DLR environment, so you'd be pushing the boundaries of human knowledge there. :)

Sorry I'm not of more help.

@cj Is it possible though via static languages? I've never heard of it, but then again, not everyone considers .NET conducive to the open source community, either.

@cambridgeport90 Yes its possible to implement ActivityPub in a static language.

And I'm of the mindset of "pick the language you want to use, critics-be-damned". If C# isn't known for its open source then at least you'd be a part of the change.

@cj It's what I aim for ... Especially in light of the changing mindset with .Net Core.

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