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Heard that is found in the junk. Has anyone investigated how infection affects male fertility? Don't want this future:

What if time actually goes on the vertical axis? 🧐

If the virus did in fact originate from one of China’s notorious β€œwet markets,” it should be remembered in history as the because it’s that abhorrent practice deserving no cultural sensitivity whatsoever that spawned this thing.

Me in the 9th grade science fair that I worked on by myself: "Here’s a potato powered digital clock."

Meanwhile, that kid who got help from her engineer dad:

One of the babies’ straw cups had gotten lost underneath a crib and the milk inside turned into yogurt. I gave it a try. AMA

πŸ‘©β€πŸš€πŸŒ” : β€œFirst woman on by 2024!”

πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί ☦️ Meanwhile, Russia:

Say what you will about , but the anticulture is immeasurably worse. One sets unrealistic standards making kids feel guilty abt getting physical w/ the occasional out of wedlock pregnancy. The other is literally an extinction level event for humanity.

Dogs are not children and you are not their parent. You are their master and they are your slaves.

Of course, the Genetically Modified Mosquito project has gone wrong, with, really, "unforeseen outcomes".

When will IYIs learn that we don't understand complex systems enough to play with them? Or when will we learn that science is not scientism?

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6:25 AM - 14 Sep 2019

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