Of course, the Genetically Modified Mosquito project has gone wrong, with, really, "unforeseen outcomes".

When will IYIs learn that we don't understand complex systems enough to play with them? Or when will we learn that science is not scientism?

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6:25 AM - 14 Sep 2019

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The primary aim of #competition in the #freemarket ought to be promoting #differentiation rather than mere low prices, as the former is favorable towards a large distribution of businesses in a sector, whereas the latter drives towards a winner-takes-all #consolidation and #monopolization.

#distributism #capitalism #ChicagoSchool #Antitrust

Dumb support : how do you format hyperlinks in posts and/or bios or meta data? (E.g. "Twitter" with an embedded link to twitter.com/canonicalbrud)

Time is a circle 猸曪笍
Space is a square 馃敳

Reminder that square clock faces are a symbolic abomination.

It鈥檚 now the 鈥渓iberal鈥 #SocialJustice warriors who[鈥鈥檝e set abt attempting to create & impose[鈥a new conception of the sacred[鈥, along w/ its natural corollary: the conception of blasphemy (#racism, #homophobia, #transphobia & the like).
#Conservative/s [鈥have sought to fight this new menace[鈥by appealing to classical #liberal bromides concerning #freespeech, #individualism, & the necessity of a #secular public square that鈥檚 agnostic abt ultimate metaphysical goods.


"[A] city, by virtue of its establishment has the obligation to establish laws for the #CommonGood of those living in its jurisdiction."

~David W. Cooney is.gd/etinHk


"It is only by acknowledging and protecting the inherent functions and duties of each order of community that true #liberty can be established and protected in any society."

~David W. Cooney is.gd/etinHk


"People live in communities because that is human nature. By living in community, people have natural obligations toward one another. Each order of community exists for a purpose consistent with human nature to protect the #CommonGood for its members."

~David W. Cooney is.gd/etinHk


"#Rights are based on obligations which come from nature. There is no such thing as a right without an obligation to establish it. People think that #freedom is achieved by protecting #rights. In reality, #freedom is achieved by protecting #duties."

~David W. Cooney is.gd/etinHk


"By having children, parents are obligated to care for, educate, and raise them to be virtuous people. They also become obligated to support and care for one another, for the #CommonGood of each other and the children they are obligated to raise."

~David W. Cooney is.gd/etinHk

#subsidiarity #rights

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