In short, I am posting 3 documents, all geared towards a solution for the P versus NP problem.

The mathematics that governs the official solution has been presented to, and was subsequently endorsed by two separate mathematics journal editors.

Now I am presenting the mathematics to the public, and I got the suggestion to post here.

The reasoning behind three documents, is one is the official proof, which is written for professional mathematicians, and is very brief concerning certain ideas, and may not be obvious to even those with a strong mathematical background.

The next, is a version official proof, that obviates every point made in the official proof, and is much more verbose. It's a complete proof, and intended for those with a very strong mathematical background. It could be called properly the extended version of the official proof.

The other document is a basic mathematical overview, that is intended for anyone to read, so they can understand the mathematics that governs the solution.

It is chalk full of new mathematics, and has gotten great reviews from the readers I have thus far had. It is intended to be very informative for anyone with the slightest semblance of a mathematical background, and who wants to understand the official proof, and why and how it resolves the problem.

Any reviews and comments from the present community will be read.

I hope every well intended person has a great day. Likewise, enjoys reading the articles.

Basic mathematical overview of proof:

Official proof:

Extended proof:


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