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tl;dr students wanted to cancel someone via guilt by association to epstein. stallman did a hot take to defend his co-worker and then bumbled an opinion that statutory rape clauses are dumb. screechers then added RMS to the cancel list. MIT is corrupt and regularly took Epstein money so they scapgoated RMS to shut everyone up. cancelites then decided the punishment for having a disallowed opinion despite not being a policymaker over the things said opinion was about is death so he's not allowed to have a job anywhere.

So... Wordpress is now 40% of *all* websites (and probably well north of 60% of all non-static websites). That's 4-6 times more than the next most widely used online platform (which is either Drupal or Joomla depending on who you ask - both are open source,). Free software (Drupal is also Copyleft licensed) rules the Internet by a very wide (probably unassailable) margin.And, amazingly, it's steadily increasing its market share.

@ehashman sorry, but what the hell is wrong with you? worrying about RMS and shit and having a letter in #github a privative service, what kind of joke is this?

it is like: "lets meet in a butcher shop to sign a letter against the leader of that vegan organization"

no one doing it have any moral to call RMS a "dangerous force in the free software community"

just my opinion 🙂

Me: Plugs type c cable into type a port

Laptop: Restarts

"my girlfriend is not underage, she is an undocumented adult"



正好 Qv2ray 完全满足:
1. Linux / Windows / macOS 跨平台
2. 支持 VMess / VLESS / SSR / Trojan / Trojan-Go / NaiveProxy / HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS5 (基本上主流协议都支持了吧,SS不支持是因为这个协议已经被淘汰了)


文档写得也很好(软件不是开箱即用的,需要自行下载v2ray core、其他协议插件)


#梯子 #翻墙 #安利 #Qv2ray

@PonyPanda I am being serious, I think a lot of them hate the concept of freedom of speech more than they hate Nazism, they've screeched at/about me on this topic, and FSE's pretty shitposty so that sets off people with a certain mindset, the one that makes them way more upset to see some people that they disagree with having fun in a way they disapprove of. If I had to speculate, another factor is that FSE is a popular bogeyman for people that aren't thinking too hard, we've been around long enough to accumulate on people's mental lists.
@Motomeru you fucken rat i remember you on armpits side just a week ago

Everytime democrats talk about banning AR-15s the sale of AR-15s go through the roof, hell I bought my first AR-15 when I started hearing that talk... democrats really need to change tactics, seems they are having the opposite effect they want. Might help if they actually bothered learning about guns first though, because their ideas will never be useful if they dont understand the subject matter, and they never do apparently based on the commentary I keep hearing.

@freemo you've probably already been through it but its amusing to see gun controllies tend to have no actual grasp of numbers or facts. their head fallback is "oh but no matter how few deaths actually happen, they could be prevented easily!"

which is itself a texas sharpshooter fallacy. there is nothing that says the criminal wouldn't have used an illegal gun to commit a crime. or even that a criminal would not have just used a knife. UK has so much weapon control they don't let people carry sporks* around and yet they have uncontrollable stabbings and beatings with sticks :blobcatshrug2:

but like. the most likely gun crime (20% of all "crime") is suicide. and the most common weapon you are killed in a crime by is a pistol.

so the evidence would say you should need more screening to own a pistol than an armalite. :blobcatidea:

but armalites are more useful for putting lockdowners and traitor governors against the wall which is why they need to go (that and the UN wants them gone because "civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state" which in turn is a "submit to Hobbs" argument.)

* there was a photo from the police of "confiscated deadly weapons" and it had a fucking SPOON in the frame.

Nokia Bell Labs has transferred Plan9 to the Plan9 Foundation. Editions 1, 2, 3 and 4 have now been released under MIT license by the foundation. Enjoy

#plan9 #9front #OpenSource #free #research #os #glenda #experimental #nonprofit

Welcome to fedi, we have:
@cassidyclown a girl (suddenly) which has programmer socks and brags about having Arch (serious?)
@mur2501 a fucking madman as all Indians do
@Mevie the most faggot of Fedi
@why a streamer faggot
@lebronjames75 an army doge
@pernia the best cum poster
@bbb cute but scary entiti
@PonyPanda an expert in political arguments about countries he has never been in
@RehnSturm256 a director of butt-lovers club
@projectmirai39 a cute and shy Japanese linux-lover

#bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto gave a great investment advice shortly after bitcoin went live:

PRC spokesperson:

If the US government could truly care for and safeguard the lawful rights of ethnic minorities as China does with the Uyghur and other ethnic groups in Xinjiang, the problem of racial discrimination in the US would have been solved long ago.

Unix has retarded OS research by 10 years and linux has retarded it by 20.

— Dennis Ritchie

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