I fucked up my Solus Budgie by blindly uninstalling stuffs. Had to reinstall the whole OS :blobcatsadlife:

There was a big boom just now. But it's not the coconut trees bombing nuts on the neighbour's house, the transformer or something has blown up. So now we will live in darkness.

Cyclones comes to my town. 50 kmph winds blow. Coconut trees dance along. Coconut falls on neighbours roof. Feels like Israel is bombing us.

I installed linux(Solus Budgie) alongside my windows and I never knew ever that my potato could work so smooth and fast and beautiful :blobcatsadlife:
I am so happy that my potato has become 10 times faster with linux :blobfoxmeltsoblove:

Why I prefer cats over dogs:

Dogs: OMG OMG HI HUMAN PLAYWITHMEPLS :ablobfoxhyperowo:
Me: :blobfoxterrified:

:blobfoxsnugowo: sup
Me: :blobfoxdealwithit: yo

Computer science used to be a popular field for women to study, but it became more male-dominated in the 1980s as the first personal computers were seen as "toys for boys".

Original tweet : twitter.com/tilbots/status/139

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