@trinsec when was the last time someone powered through a steaming plate of boomer memes and asked for seconds?

@MirceaKitsune @mystik @MartinJJ

>takes a lot of time
>dropping in the street the *moment* they make *any* effort.

The cognitive dissonance from you eclipses a profound lack of scientific literacy.

@mystik @MirceaKitsune @MartinJJ

>>asked to present evidence for vague claim.

>>ReEeeEe watch another compilation of anecdotes!

One of the most disappointing parts of alt right Mastodon, is the boomer humor.

@mystik @MirceaKitsune @MartinJJ post the full trial data. I'm always down for a little light reading.

@MirceaKitsune @mystik @MartinJJ

Vaccine testing takes years because funds and resources are limited. When all western nations pool together to find a solution to an existential problem, they got it done in a tenth of the time. That's not miraculous. That's economics. Turns out real life doesn't have a set loading screen like vidya, resources and effort get shit done quicker. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

@mystik @MirceaKitsune @MartinJJ ITV: a handful of anecdotal cases are filmed where patients self diagnose while spoopy music plays and sick kids are paraded in front of cameras so 4chaners can pat themselves on the back.

@mystik @MirceaKitsune @MartinJJ huh, see here I though I'd been conscious when I go to work everyday but you and your low budget 4chan quickcut really opened my eyes. Were just🐑! I'll tell everyone at the office tomorrow that their grants are really coming from the boogey man.

@mystik @MirceaKitsune @MartinJJ

Look at you go! Hundreds of thousands of doctors spent tens of millions of man-hours testing vaccine safety and you're gonna prove them all wrong with a grainy YouTube repost of 20 people collapsing and scary music. How will modern medicine ever recover!?

@mystik @MirceaKitsune @MartinJJ

I try not to take health advice from strangers at parties. But your VAX conspiracy parties sound like a real hoot.

@schnappi @MirceaKitsune @MartinJJ @mystik

An overwhelming amount of research evidence has explored the efficacy and safety of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines. Here's a brief list of citations which include a complete review of observational studies. Mind you these are just a small sample of the available research articles, but together these five have been cited by 500 other research articles.






Please tell me again how that one letter to the editor is proof that vaccines are evil.

@MirceaKitsune @mystik @MartinJJ why don't you put your time where your mouth is. The entry barrier to academic discourse is nil. Write up your dissenting opinion with proper citations and post it to a preprint server like medrxiv.org. Then send it to a journal for peer review (e.g. BMJ open). The whole process is free. Once your manuscript has been scrutinized, you can come back and tell us how many reps from political offices, think tanks and big pharma contacted you while twirling their mustaches.

Its not enough to present a dissenting opinion, you gotta defend it in the face of consensus. That's the difference between science and propaganda.

@MartinJJ You mean the one that begins literally with, "dear editor," the one tagged as an open access comment?

@PhilSchedia @MartinJJ @mystik trying to answer what *science is* is a delineation problem and not a practical one. Not every screenshot and opinion piece is the david to the evil academic Goliath. The fact that some people blindly believe peer review is just scientists agreeing with each other is just an admission that they've never bothered to learn what's involved.

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