@Morgunin @ceoln that's Midjourney V4. Would love to read the /imagine prompt.

@Frank @Morgunin

It is indeed! Let's see, what was the workflow here.... Oh, simple! Just "/imagine detailed visionary --v4" and then regular upscale. I love short prompts. :)

@ceoln @Morgunin V4 is just mind-blowing. Used it for the last few images for our ttrpg and they are just so much better than the v3 results.

@Frank @Morgunin

Yes, v4 is very nice! It does have a house style, but not nearly as strong as v3. I'm still learning the interesting points in the space; so much fun!

@ceoln @Frank

Okay, thanks. It’d be kind of you to tag it as such.

@Morgunin @ceoln If you see the tags #Midjourney #DallE or #StableDifusion etc it is more or less obvious. But personally I add more. I bet you have seen my experiments and I always add #ai #ki #generated as tags, too.

@Frank @ceoln

This presumes that I have delved deeply enough into this technology to recognize these names. I haven’t, and I’m currently loathe to do this for several reasons.

Thank you for letting me know, though. Now I at least recognize the names. :) I’m not sure that I‘ve seen your experiments. I tend to filter #ai and related content.

@Morgunin @ceoln one of my new favourite hobbies. I exchanged a lot of more or less stolen pics for our rpg campaign with generated stuff.

@Frank @ceoln

I understand where you’re coming from. Most artists I’ve spoken to have zero issue with me as GM using a pic for my private game at the table with my buddies.

From what I’ve gathered, most do take issue with people using their product for public purposes/revenue without recompense, such as feeding it into an ai without authorization in order for it to generate images based on their work. They see this as intellectual theft. That’s why I try to steer clear of it.

@Morgunin @ceoln As long as the generated art is not used to make money I don't see a problem with it. And from my personal anarchist perspective I see this more as a chance than a threat.

@Morgunin @Frank

Happy to! Or to try to remember to. :) Would (hash)AIArt be the most useful tag for you? Or some variant thereof?

@ceoln @Frank

Thank you. Just something of the sort to indicate to someone like me, that this is computer generated.

@Morgunin @Frank

It's generated using a computer :) but so is all digital art after all!

@Morgunin @ceoln well it is not that easy. I start with a simple prompt, try variations, add new words to the prompt and after a few pictures I sometimes end with what I want for a scene in the campaign. But sometimes there are, to quote Bob Ross, happy little accidents that lead even to more beautiful experiences and results. And sometimes it inspired me to add something to the written story of my rpg campaign.

@Morgunin @ceoln I think of it more like FM Synthesis where sine waves, carriers and modulators, are connected through different algorithms, spiced with advanced digital wave table synthesis. Well, I love synthesizers and I really want to see this technology in a playable instrument. Cause sound should be the next level.

@Frank @ceoln

I get the analogy. That’s fair enough, I suppose. I just think there’s a difference in how the algorithms in a synthesizer function, versus how they work in an AI environment. I’m just not sure the programmers of a synthesizer upload a ton of musical recordings from their favorite musicians, so anyone can just type in they want a „Rocking Drinking Tune“ and get a finished song as a result.

@Morgunin @Frank

I'm definitely concerned about the issue of the AI engines perhaps violating the rights of some of the artists whose works they were trained on. I hope this gets worked out to some sort of reasonable compromise.

@ceoln @Morgunin Licensing would be a good way. Like it is done nowadays with samples for music and sounds and services like Splice.

@Frank @Morgunin Right, I can think of all sorts of things: explicit licensing, an opt-out for artists, something like the old Blank Tape "Private Copying Levy"... anything that can be made to work.

@ceoln @Morgunin Yepp. The djinn already left the bottle, so let's be creative and develop something good and fair.

@Morgunin @ceoln I personally do not want a finished song composed by a ai but single sounds that I can combine creatively. If I use ai art for RPGs, for mere illustration or even inspiration, it is a tool. And also a tool for the democratization of the whole open free rpg scene.

@Morgunin @ceoln in my vision concerning sounds think more of a prompt like "dark pulsating gloomy bass sound played on Mars" ;).

@Frank @Morgunin I used to make generative music years ago; no learning directly from other sources; I would just read books on music theory and composition, and write code. :) Mostly sounded awful, sometimes was (relatively) delightful. I keep meaning to get back into that, although General MIDI seems very 90s these days. :)

@ceoln @Morgunin Midi is still the way to go. Some of my equipment even uses analogue cv gates and inputs. I think synthesizers and painting (be it analogue, digital, ai assisted etc) have a lot in common.

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