Five images from La Nouvelle Belle Époch

Not so far overjoyed with the multiple-image-post support in :) maybe I'll stick to one per for the short term.

@ceoln first, loved the art. Anything specific you're hunting for or just wherever the wind takes you?

second though, yeah. The multi-image UX wasn't great. Not horrible either, and not you obviously, but one per post is probably the best way to go.

@shadowsonawall Glad you like it! One thing I like to do in AI engines is find an area in prompt-space that leads to a sort of consistent "world" or "venue", that one can then create images in that are thematically related. These five are from the most recent one that I've found in v4.

Way back when NightCafe's Artistic engine was my fave :) I had like five of these going and would post roughly the same thing from multiple venues, as in for instance:

@shadowsonawall (Also as far as I can tell there's no way to edit / add to the caption on an image afterward? Which is kind of sad. I suppose I could delete it and re-add it with a better caption. Or maybe I'm just missing it. Or it's coming out as a new feature next week!)

@ceoln ooo, that's a neat idea. I like to explore adjectives, for lack of a better way to explain it. I imagine a set of, sometime conflicting, adjectives and slap a noun into them somewhere. Then I play with different nouns. A lot of nonsense and garbage comes of it but every now and then I stumble on something that's really cool (to me, of course 😆 ). As a bonus, I feel like I'm getting a sense for what humans as a whole imagine when they say things like "angelic, demonic, beautiful, terrifying, etc". A bit crazy, but fun!

@shadowsonawall Yeah, that is a similar spirit to mine, I think, except that I am looking for (something like) places or worlds, and you're looking for maybe feelings or concepts. Exploration is such fun!

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