So based on Angel's Feedback below , I much simplified this Medical Diagnosis app : i havent added the descriptions and instructions yet but basically you just answer in freeform using complete sentences in any language and get a diagnosis in your own language.

Doesn't this seem... incredibly dangerous? "Medical diagnosis" via a program that knows nothing whatever about medicine? Are you prepared for lawsuits?

@ceoln it’s a Proof of Concept , giving us a glimpse of a distopian future (or basically present, really) test it out let me know if I should be worried 😉 there will always be some kinda American ready to die for the chance to sue but I can’t be held responsible for such behavior as far as I can tell 🤷🏻‍♂️

Um. You can definitely be held responsible for putting out software that purports to do medical diagnosis. You should also check the ToS of whatever engine you're using; unless (and maybe even if) you built it yourself and are running it from your own servers, they almost certainly prohibit using it to give people medical or legal advice.

@ceoln don’t be that person that reads the headlines and reacts : check it out and lmk if it’s worthwhile or dangerous etc . (Tbh : I thought this would happen much earlier than it has🤔🤔)


I'm afraid no checking it out that I could do would prove anything.

Even if it gave a plausible diagnosis in 1000 tests, you'd still be open to a lawsuit when it fails on the 2000th and someone is seriously harmed because they took its diagnosis as real.

I don't know where you're located, but in lots of jurisdictions (including I think all of the US and much of Europe) you'd also fall under Practicing Medicine Without A License sorts of laws.

IBM tried its best, with like billions of dollars, to get its Watson software to just help out trained doctors in a specific small area of medicine, and they failed to improve outcomes. A little ChatGPT script or whatever is not going to do a better job than that!

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