Oh my, the 12z NAM deterministic takes the upper level low further west and brings Sunday morning snow to Chattanooga.

Do not bank that, because so far all other runs have been Atlanta/Greenville SC, but do keep your eyes on the forecast.

Here's the 12z ECMWF coming in with snow in the ensemble model. Again take these with a grain of salt, but it makes a reasonable argument for snow in Chattanooga.

Of course it would be 37F when it snowed and getting up to 45!

Still snow.

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This morning's 12z NAM has settled down quite a bit. It still tracks the low across the Macon/Atlanta line - which is the IDEAL track for Chattanooga to receive snow!

BUT...it's just not cold enough. We're talking valley temps in the upper 30s at potential snowfall time and that's not good enough.

Heck, that might not even be good enough for snow on Lookout or Signal Mountain here.

Snow for the Smokies? Sure. And maybe for the western parts of the Cumberland plateau, too.

Now is the chance for Chattanooga snow 0? No it's not. But it is dropping.

And once again - any impact will be very limited, because it's just plain warm out and it has been all week. Temps Sunday will be in the mid 40s regardless of any snow in the morning.

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