Dozens of drugs made by Pfizer Inc. may be more difficult for hospitals to purchase because they were manufactured at the company’s North Carolina plant that was damaged by a tornado last week.

Sixty-five different formats and formulations of products including the anesthetic lidocaine; the painkiller morphine; and other basic hospital medicines “may experience continued or new supply disruptions in the near-term,” New York-based Pfizer said Friday in an email to customers. The email lists several different dosages or formulations of at least 32 drugs, plus two sizes of empty glass vials. Forty-six of the products were already in short supply as of Sunday, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Some excellent #DustDevil action at #Fagradalsfjall #volcano in #Iceland this morning.

Dust devils have been forming here off and on for a while. It looks like a sort of cove has formed where unaltered terrain is bounded on three sides by fresh, hot #lava likely creating the conditions to form dust devils. Cool air temps near 12°C likely also helping.


An extremely dangerous day and night of severe #weather is expected across N. Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The potential exists for strong If you live within the magenta outlined area, please be ready to take shelter if needed. Take this situation seriously.
By @wxnb_


Wordle 754 6/6


On the other side of the #Omaha metro, 66 mph / 106 kph winds measured at the airport at 615 AM local time. Perhaps more impressively, the strong winds lasted around 40 minutes. #newx

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If anyone is interested in seeing what places got what amount of rain in Vermont, you can go here. Burlington NWS just put it out earlier today.

Rain amounts

#Vermont #Flood #Flooding #VermontFlooding #VTwx

Wordle 752 3/6


Wordle 752 3/6


France Passes New Bill Allowing Police to Remotely Activate Cameras, Mics, GPS on Citizens' Phones

(Wow, this is the most Orwellian thing I've seen all day, maybe longer. I would be surprised if the US didn't already have this capability but did it covertly) #InfoSec #Security #Privacy

#Mastodon had a 9 month head start to attract people to its way of social media while Twitter was collapsing.

9 months that could've been spent making sign ups friction less.

9 months that could've spent adding basic support for quote tooting.

9 months to make this place feel more inviting and accessible (doing something about the HOA).

Instead 9 months spent talking about a protocol that should just be an implementation detail.

#Mastodon should have been #threads. It needed product focus.


I just barked out a staccato burst of laughter while reading this on the bus, and got a sly side eye smile from the woman sitting across from me.

Bad accident at 10th St and Central Ave in Chattanooga at about 10pm. While I didn't see the hit directly, I heard it and saw sparks fly as the cars did to a test.

A White Honda Civic ran the stop sign eastbound on 10th at full speed and was hit hard in the passenger door by a northbound Red Ford Escort on Central.

The white Honda carried through the intersection to a phone pole about 40 ft past Central on 10th.

If a southbound car had hit her instead & pushed her right, the Honda might have ended up careening into the old red garage where a group of homeless spends the nights under shelter.

No one seemed injured but airbags deployed in the Escort and side curtains in the Civic. Appeared after sobriety tests the Civic driver was arrested for likely DUI. Having spoken with her on scene I'm not surprised.

This is a dangerous intersection. Don't drink and drive kids.

Thomas Jefferson was an avid weather observer in addition to being an author of the Declaration of Independence. Below are his weather observations from Philadelphia, PA from July 1776. Happy Independence Day!

More about his weather records can be found at:

#weather #history #independenceday

more interest in #WetBulb today..

also check this NWS site in which the US forecast wet bulb can be visualized...

at the red arrow, use this drop down menu to navigate to the wet bulb #forecast

#Climate #ClimateChange #weather #wx
at the purple arrow, you can slide the slider to look at near future dates

And from just a few days ago:

“Last month, just weeks after the divorce his wife had filed for was finalized, Silva filed a “wrongful death” lawsuit against three of her closest friends, seeking $1m from each. He claims that the women helped his wife obtain abortion medication in July 2022 – two months after she had filed for divorce from him, and just a few weeks after the Dobbs decision overturned Roe v Wade and states like Texas outlawed abortion.”

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This morning's 12z NAM has settled down quite a bit. It still tracks the low across the Macon/Atlanta line - which is the IDEAL track for Chattanooga to receive snow!'s just not cold enough. We're talking valley temps in the upper 30s at potential snowfall time and that's not good enough.

Heck, that might not even be good enough for snow on Lookout or Signal Mountain here.

Snow for the Smokies? Sure. And maybe for the western parts of the Cumberland plateau, too.

Now is the chance for Chattanooga snow 0? No it's not. But it is dropping.

And once again - any impact will be very limited, because it's just plain warm out and it has been all week. Temps Sunday will be in the mid 40s regardless of any snow in the morning.

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Here's the 12z ECMWF coming in with snow in the ensemble model. Again take these with a grain of salt, but it makes a reasonable argument for snow in Chattanooga.

Of course it would be 37F when it snowed and getting up to 45!

Still snow.

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#Starbucks Asked a COVID-Positive Employee to Work, Then Fired Him for Tweeting About It

“Scott “included the address of the store & invited the public to visit him at this store location, while #COVID-19 positive,” the company said in firing paperwork. “This tweet adversely affects Starbucks, customers, & partner [sic]...”

"I wasn’t inviting customers to come catch COVID, I was letting them know that there’s going to be a #COVID positive person here & to stay away”

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