Bad accident at 10th St and Central Ave in Chattanooga at about 10pm. While I didn't see the hit directly, I heard it and saw sparks fly as the cars did to a test.

A White Honda Civic ran the stop sign eastbound on 10th at full speed and was hit hard in the passenger door by a northbound Red Ford Escort on Central.

The white Honda carried through the intersection to a phone pole about 40 ft past Central on 10th.

If a southbound car had hit her instead & pushed her right, the Honda might have ended up careening into the old red garage where a group of homeless spends the nights under shelter.

No one seemed injured but airbags deployed in the Escort and side curtains in the Civic. Appeared after sobriety tests the Civic driver was arrested for likely DUI. Having spoken with her on scene I'm not surprised.

This is a dangerous intersection. Don't drink and drive kids.

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