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Doesn't look like I can see anything.

I don't really have time to fool with it either - I'm sure there's a way, but between work and kids...

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Just wanted to see if this worked on Mastodon. Probably not but who knows?

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New article by Darren Ficklin et al on "Influence of the 2021 Brood X cicada emergence on near surface hydrology in forested and urban landscapes" finds that cicada burrows only had an impact on near surface hydrologic processes at *undisturbed* sites. Soil compaction at disturbed sites likely was too much for the cicadas to overcome!

#Hydrology #Water #Insects #Cicadas

Oh my, the 12z NAM deterministic takes the upper level low further west and brings Sunday morning snow to Chattanooga.

Do not bank that, because so far all other runs have been Atlanta/Greenville SC, but do keep your eyes on the forecast.

Both of my kids love Bran cereal. Good for them. At least it's one healthy thing they'll eat.

I posted a version of this graphic a couple weeks ago, but based on discussions, here is the change in snow cover length season just since the start of the satellite era (1979). Same story: the length of the snow cover season is getting shorter almost everywhere in Alaska. Data from Rantanen 2023 using ERA5.
#akwx #winter #snow #ClimateChange
@Climatologist49 @capture907 @anisian

Automated vehicle tests coming to Ohio under the management by ODOT, both in Rural SE Ohio, and on U.S. 33 with truck platoons

There is another program for automated trucks on the I-70 coming this year in conjunction with Indiana.

Here are pics my husband took on his way home from work. #DeerPark is part of his regular commute. You can see train cars flipped over and the fires due to the refineries flaring.

How school was very near the #tornado that passed through #houston today, but thankfully it missed them. Thinking about all who experienced loss, and of the poor animal shelter in Pasadena 😿


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Winter snow totals from the storm pushing in to the Ohio Valley keep coming in lower than expected (though the Ozarks of NW Arkansas still got 1'!), but the road delays have been relatively low for this size of a storm.

Here's a video Selma, Alabama resident Bailey Harris sent me from the historic district in town after tornado damage. The white building is Sturdivant Hall. #selma

Plenty of severe #weather was reported to NWS Storm Prediction Center for January 12th

Reports can be viewed individually here:

All the plants that are usually green are frost-burned to an unhealthy shade of brown from that cold snap in Chattanooga.

In one hour, Denver went from 42° and blowing dust, to 5° and light snow falling with a wind chill of -19°!

Is it going to snow in ? Probably.

Timeframe? Approximately a 2-3 hour window after midnight early Friday morning, most likely around 3am

Is snow going to accumulate in Chattanooga? No.

Is snow going to accumulate in the mountains? Perhaps a light dusting in shade. (why the shade at night? Because the ground temp will be lower)

BUT, the real issue is not any of that.

The real issue is the cold / wind coming in behind it. It might be 10-15F when you wake up on Friday morning, with some icy spots, because everything wet will have frozen.

Probably not terrible for getting around, but extremely dangerous on a personal level when outside like this.

My biggest concern is you literally don't own a coat warm enough for this weather.

You need to layer when going outside, and cover exposed skin as much as possible. A couple pairs of pants. A couple of shirts. Thickest gloves.

Stay Warm

For those that are not big fans of the brutally cold air that will blast much of the U.S. east of the Rockies over the next five days, never fear. Warmer days are coming back in a week or so.

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