Bad accident at 10th St and Central Ave in Chattanooga at about 10pm. While I didn't see the hit directly, I heard it and saw sparks fly as the cars did to a test.

A White Honda Civic ran the stop sign eastbound on 10th at full speed and was hit hard in the passenger door by a northbound Red Ford Escort on Central.

The white Honda carried through the intersection to a phone pole about 40 ft past Central on 10th.

If a southbound car had hit her instead & pushed her right, the Honda might have ended up careening into the old red garage where a group of homeless spends the nights under shelter.

No one seemed injured but airbags deployed in the Escort and side curtains in the Civic. Appeared after sobriety tests the Civic driver was arrested for likely DUI. Having spoken with her on scene I'm not surprised.

This is a dangerous intersection. Don't drink and drive kids.

This morning's 12z NAM has settled down quite a bit. It still tracks the low across the Macon/Atlanta line - which is the IDEAL track for Chattanooga to receive snow!'s just not cold enough. We're talking valley temps in the upper 30s at potential snowfall time and that's not good enough.

Heck, that might not even be good enough for snow on Lookout or Signal Mountain here.

Snow for the Smokies? Sure. And maybe for the western parts of the Cumberland plateau, too.

Now is the chance for Chattanooga snow 0? No it's not. But it is dropping.

And once again - any impact will be very limited, because it's just plain warm out and it has been all week. Temps Sunday will be in the mid 40s regardless of any snow in the morning.

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Here's the 12z ECMWF coming in with snow in the ensemble model. Again take these with a grain of salt, but it makes a reasonable argument for snow in Chattanooga.

Of course it would be 37F when it snowed and getting up to 45!

Still snow.

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Doesn't look like I can see anything.

I don't really have time to fool with it either - I'm sure there's a way, but between work and kids...

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Oh my, the 12z NAM deterministic takes the upper level low further west and brings Sunday morning snow to Chattanooga.

Do not bank that, because so far all other runs have been Atlanta/Greenville SC, but do keep your eyes on the forecast.

All the plants that are usually green are frost-burned to an unhealthy shade of brown from that cold snap in Chattanooga.

Overhead shot of the train derailment in Collegedale - from r/chattanooga

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I have a truck stuck in Winner, South Dakota off U.S. 183 - currently on his way to Reno, NV and started in Wilkes-Barre PA. Been stuck in blizzard conditions the last 2 days.

How did he get there you might ask? GPS of course.

Why would a Truck GPS ever lead him to Winner SD when I-80 runs pretty much straight between the two?

He started off normally on the trip on I-80, but I-80 became closed Sunday night due to Blizzard conditions in Wyoming and Nebraska. This was put into the GPS's calculations, so it rerouted him up I-90 from Chicago to head around it.

BUT by the time, he got to I-90 in Minnesota, that road was closed ahead in South Dakota due to the same blizzard conditions.

So the GPS if a genius and takes this in to account & it shows that SD-14/U.S. 183 heading west across southern South Dakota is open and routes them that way!

Of course, the GPS is not accounting for the fact that it's ALL blizzard and now they are on a lesser road with worse road care and lesser services. And here they sit with everything closed and no fuel. Perfect no notes.

I'm not going to tell you that I don't blame my folks for not looking at any weather or deciding that this was a good idea to get in so deep. But it's also a company approved device. We tell people to check it out and that those roads are supposed to be safe. This is just endlessly stupid in multiples ways.

All the signals are aligning to tell us with a higher degree of certainty than usual that the eastern half of the U.S will be cold for Christmas.

This will create the potential setup of a white Christmas in unusual places, as well as in the Midwest. But none of these are a guarantee.

If you see people posting that with certainty this far out, ignore it, but keep an eye out as this may affect a lot of Christmas travel!

There are going to be a lot of travel trouble spots out west today, but I-80 in Wyoming will be the worst of them starting this afternoon/evening.

The snow totals aren't crazy like Donner Pass this weekend - close to 12" on I-80's higher levels, but the winds that come in afterwards are going to be 60mph+....all the way through early Thursday.

Go around. Don't get stuck on I-80 at Elk Mountain or Sherman Pass.

Happy Thanksgiving from Red Clay State Historical Park in Tennessee.

Red Clay is the starting point of the Trail of Tears.

Good morning for your forecast.

Yes, even with 77in (1.96m!) of snow measured in Orchard Park NY over the weekend the interstates are all open across the US.

Only hiccups to this week's travel forecast will be some potential freezing rain w/ mountains snow on I-90 in Washington, with snow moving down I-84 into Oregon and Idaho Wednesday for a couple of inches there, too.

Western New York pictures from Twitter - not my own.

Good morning with your US . Ice on the roads this morning on I-80 in Wyoming at Sherman Hill, I-84 in Oregon at Deadmans Pass, and then snow and ice cover for a lot of I-90 and I-94 in the Dakotas and Montana.

Most of that was pretty light stuff (heavier in Wyoming) but all is moving out today and the sun will be out.

But the real story is developing further east with Lake Effect Snows taking hold. Conneaut OH saw snowfall rates of up to 3" (7.5cm) per HOUR last night in the heaviest band for a couple hours. I-90 is defacto closed there due to accidents. Similar snow in west central Michigan, though about half the snow totals

That initial blast cools off, but sets up with a different windward direction tonight. Buffalo New York will be expecting an area of greater than 4 FEET (1.2m) of snow through this weekend in one area, and a widespread area of up to 2 ft. (0.6m). Similar snowfall for Watertown NY area.

Full truck restrictions are in place for I-90 starting at 4pm tonight and continuing indefinitely. Last time they got this much snow, I-90 was closed about 4 days. NYDOT appears much more prepared this time, but we'll see what actually happens. You just can't physically move that much snow - especially once a few cars get stuck.

Good snowy morning to much of the U.S. Snow is widespread for many of the Great Lakes States, but really only seeing it affect the roads in a few select cities this morning - Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Denver.

For the most part roads are in good shape this morning, and we'll see a couple more inches of snow in the heaviest bands.

Switches to some Lake Effect snow tomorrow for South Bend IN and Erie PA, and then a mix of some freezing rain for the higher peaks of the central Appalachians tomorrow, and snow from Pennsylvania on up through New York and New England. Similar impact expected as today.

Good morning east of the Rockies in Colorado and New Mexico. Snow is on the road on I-25 in southern CO this AM, and moving east and south through Western KS, the Oklahoma Panhandle and the Texas Panhandle.

3-6" of snow expected on I-40 in W. Oklahoma, as this cold front meets more saturated air and spins up a more intense low (a 'Panhandle hooker'). More modest snowfall expected elsewhere.

WSSI showing a moderate impact expected and outlines I-35 south of OKC as well. Going to see the system split somewhat with NW Arkansas hit with one lobe and Kansas City and norther MIssouri taking the other.

Expect additional advisories potentially expanding at the 3pm updates - and new issued for Pennsylvania/upstate New York for tomorrow.

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