USA politics, open at your own risk 

Can anyone explain what is going on at USA atm? It is hard to analyze anything because I feel like the sources I read are not very reliable.

Sabiha Gökçen is the world’s first women fighter pilot, and the daughter of Atatürk.

hong kong is really the heaven of electronics. i bought a shit ton of stuff, from a press machine to a wacom drawing tablet. i will definitely be visiting again.

If you are a conspiracy theory addict, you should check mainstream Turkish newspapers. A pro-AKP journalist just wrote “US supports LGBT groups in the countries it opposes, to destroy cultural norms.” this week.

Sounds /pol/ and r/conspiracy would love that guy.

I will write about other political groups and parties in later this week. I hope you found it interesting.

In my highschool years, I had many friends who supported or joined them. I once went to a local Ülkü Ocağı (some kind of a court/meeting place for the Grey Wolves) with the invite of my friends. It was a place decorated with political/nationalistic symbols, pictures of important figures like Atatürk, Alparslan Türkeş, Devlet Bahçeli.. etc. By the time i arrived some guy from the MHP was cursing PKK, AKP (Yes, in the past they didn’t get along with AKP) and USA. I didn’t stay long and left.

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Because of this mix, there is a lot of controversy in their own ranks. In the past, most of them supported the secondary opposition party, MHP (Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi, Nationalist Movement Party) But in the recent months, MHP’s leader made an alliance with the AKP (ruling party, Erdoğan’s party) and because of that, some of them ceased their support to the MHP.

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Their ideology is a mix of Political Islam and Turkish nationalism with some Atatürk’s principles added.

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Grey Wolves are a pan-turkist, pan-islamist movement which have been effective in the politics of Turkey since early 1960s. They have been accused with many crimes and murders in the last 50 years but it is known that an important part of the police force in Turkey are members or supporters.

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A couple of my friends from US asked me if there is an alt-right group in Turkey. The answer is both yes and no. There is a popular group who call themselves as “Grey Wolves” and it is not as same as the alt-right groups in the states, but they both have some similarities. This flood will be about and .

Grey Wolves (a.k.a “Ülkücüler” in Turkish) take their name from Altaic/Turkish Mythology, where proto-Turkic tribes believed that they descended from a she-wolf called “Asena”.

I don’t know why, but this meme about makes me really sad.

I’m a mechatronics student interested in and politics. I will be writing about these topics mostly.

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