Re: "Punching Nazis" 

"That’s where my mind was when I first saw the video: the importance of unambiguously condemning violence against one's political enemies, and that’s the article I was prepared to write going into this... That assumed, though, that there were political enemies to fight in the first place. Almost as soon as I started digging into the story, it became clear there was something more complicated, and more tragic, at hand."

"When 'Punch a Nazi' Goes Wrong" by TracingWoodgrains in Blocked and Reported

Even though I hadn't heard of this before, this hits closer to home than I'd like as someone who has long considered myself "furry-adjacent" and in recent years seemingly at odds with parts of the fandom. More broadly, it's an example of how online accusations can lose nuance and become exaggerated to extremes.


Re: "Punching Nazis" 

There actually is an argument to be made that the "Nazi" label rightfully applies, which is presented in an update to the Dogpatch Press article linked in the BAR post which directly responds to it. (It also mentions a previous furry-related hoax that the BAR writer created, which certainly deserves its own critique.)

Finally, there's this Twitter post worth highlighting:

"Possible alternative take: It's rarely (but sometimes) okay to enact physical violence against one's political enemies, but *celebrating* that violence is an act that should be looked down upon

"(The correct stance is a deep seriousness and anguish)"

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