Hello you fine people, born in 1980 in Germany. I basically grew up with computers. My dad being a tech nut I learnt to repair tube TVs in my apprenticeship (that went well …) and studied informatics for a year (that also went “well”).
I love tech, scifi and the internet with all my heart. I am recording my gameplay in various indie and Paradox games for years and nearly got rid of my formerly horrendous accent.

I don’t like censorship but my countries history taught be to be cautious. Left leaning doesn’t describe me well. I am on the very fringe of that axis but liberal to a fault. I don’t care what you do with your life if it doesn’t hurt other or infringes on their rights.

Labels are just a tool to divide us on this ride. We only have a few decades and I want to make mine the best I could possibly have.

Thanks to @freemo I am giving this whole thing another chance.

So this is not capped at some random low three digit number so I will list some more or less interesting hobbies of mine:
Painting little warhammeresque miniatures

Yup, I got a channel youtube.com/user/Commandelicio
Yeap, I totally display my grandfathers picture war diary commandelicious.blogspot.com/2

Never forget that if you are sure about something without thinking about it, it usually means you either have a bias or are totally wrong.

@commandelicious @freemo I see qoto is picking up quite a number of new users. Wish my instance got some :-)

@kenzo @commandelicious Yea QOTO is blowing up. Really happy with the quality of the users too, some really top notch contributors.

My suggestion: Get some really nice and long discussions or information threads going and share these.
I would have never found this if I hadn't been of my phone.

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