I am just going to mute/block everyone who excuses harassment in any form.
There are definitely some edgelords on mastodon as well.

@commandelicious I even already added some trigger words to my filter a few weeks ago. ;) Someone bitching about BLEEP or BLEEP and BLEEP is gone from my timeline! So nice! I can recommend! ;)

@commandelicious Go to your settings, there's a filter tab. You can add any words you don't want to see ever again because they're soooooo abused usually.

@commandelicious In my case I've added a lot of the politically-related words that seems to be popular to overuse abuse.

@commandelicious Good move, they are certainly worthy of contempt.

Though I suggest you block/mute without attacking them frst. While they certainly deserve it often "being the bigger man" means just walking away.

Just as a general suggestion I'd like us to be the bigger man when dealing with shit posters to set an example for others. So if someone is being a jerk dont even react (or react politely) , just turn the other cheek.

I just can't let lies or untruths just slide. They get repeated too often already.

@commandelicious I'm not suggesting you need to. I will usually address them with the utmost respect/kindness before walking away. You can also be respectful/kind and still let someone know you disapprove or find something unacceptable.

@commandelicious Good man, I bet the people you set straight will be more responsive to that sort of interaction and you are more likely to convince them of their error.

Once someone gets defensive there is little hope for social progress IMO

@commandelicious Luckily we tend to do a good job at keeping them off our servers.

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