One of the highlights playing &D is the horrible but great in jokes.

Did you know that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice? Now you do.

Kerbal Space Program is great fun. Love that game, but I have to relearn it every half a year and this is what happens then.

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Fiddling with traffic in Cities: Skylines is a lot of fun. Made a video about the traffic manager especially for this because sitting for six hours to improve a crossing is exactly my thing. Seriously.
This is a picture how to not do it.

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Well, I loooove cyberpunk but I am bad at shooty games

I let this one check, means "capsule hotel"

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This is just odd ... but I love it. It's space colony simulator
And a real space colony simulator

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And the same for World War 2
I often play this one with the Kaiserreich mod, what might have been if Germany won WW1

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The biggest, baddest and most awesome of grand strategy games because I like to think about my moves for six hours >.>

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Ok, pictures thread.
I play a lot, indie and Paradox Games. And I will try sharing some of the things I love about it

an Optimization game which just tickles these little endorphine glands

We live in the best of times and here is why.

I can hop into a game and be someone entirely different. From earlier this summer

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