It's European Day of Jewish Culture!

The annual event was initiated in 1996 by the B'nai Brith of Strasbourg in the French département Bas-Rhin together with the local Agency for development of tourism. It now involves twenty-seven European countries including Turkey and Ukraine.

It's International Day of the Disappeared
This is very sad.
The International Day of the Disappeared, on August 30 of each year, is a day created to draw attention to the fate of individuals imprisoned at places and under poor conditions unknown to their relatives and/or legal representatives.
Looking at you, too United States ...

@pkok @Surasanji @freemo
There are millions of people without clean water and I am wasting ressources by chatting with/posting to some people over the internet.
And before I can reflect to much over that I rather look for something to get angry over.

@freemo @MominRasool
Interesting that you answer that point and not the other, which by the way was exactly my point.

@freemo @MominRasool In 99% they don't help at all. You only can become rich if you exploit others.

@freemo @MominRasool
Survivor bias. They usually were just lucky. Or more persistant than others and then say it was their skill and that is usually not the only reason.

It's all fine until a rich guy says "but you should do -this- to become rich!" then I lose it. :D

@Surasanji @freemo
The problem is, I have usually the choice between being angry or sad and I rather find something to be angry about than being sad.

I just got an ad for a cashmere pullover and the price is higher than my car is worth. I have 70 cents in the bank account.
Life doesn't seem fair sometimes. Usually.

@trinsec I don't have the federated timeline on :P

I like Europa Universalis and an add on is coming out next week :3

Okay, is had been a week on mastodon for me, round about, and I think the problem is not social medial or twitter it's just that I really don't like people very much.

I just can't let lies or untruths just slide. They get repeated too often already.

I am just going to mute/block everyone who excuses harassment in any form.
There are definitely some edgelords on mastodon as well.

Good morning all! Going live with BattleTech this morning, fighting for planetary governments against the major houses. Hope you can join me at

#streaming #gaming #BattleTech

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