@compass_straight_edge I know this is possible just not sure how to
Inline math Latex support - Use \ ( and \ ) for inline LaTeX, and \ [ and \ ] for display mode.


@compass_straight_edge @freemo @design_RG you may be better off simply using a normal latex editor or over leaf, generate the output then use the screen grab tool to select an area to grab around the LaTeX output and then paste in here.

A bit of a faff, that though.

@compass_straight_edge @freemo @design_RG That isn't rendering here, maybe i am missing a plug in or something.


That didnt render here because its not the proper format to make it render... you need to use the format mentioned here:


@compass_straight_edge @design_RG

@freemo @compass_straight_edge @design_RG

I can't get it to work, sorry. it just displays the text \CH3\


because your not following the instructions... it clearly states a backslash followed by a parenthesis, then the latext, then the inverse on closing.

@compass_straight_edge @design_RG


Off hand I dont recall if i added MathLatex to discourse.. I need to check the plugins to see if its even there. Did I mention somewhere that it is supported on discourse?

@zleap @design_RG

@freemo @zleap @design_RG I recall seeing a post with formulas on the discourse so I assumed it worked.
(Also because there is a math section).


I think you are correct it works on discourse, but I dont remember for sure. But it definitely works here.

Follow the instructions here and verify your format works, then copy that over to discourse and see if it works there for you too. I do know the format is the same here and there if its active over there.

@zleap @design_RG


I think i had it enabled at one point but it broke something and I may have had to disable it on discourse. Not sure though.

@zleap @design_RG

@zleap @compass_straight_edge @freemo

>> @design_RG help please.

Sorry but LaTeX is not my thing. No idea how to use it, although the output is pretty for Math work.

@design_RG @compass_straight_edge @freemo

I can try and help with LaTeX, in fact i think it may be worth adding this to my


We can perhaps use the discourse forum as there is a section under Chemistry on LaTeX

Perhaps also use
if we need help beyond that.


If enabling latex on discourse is important to you I'll take a closer look at it and see if i can get it up again. Probably isnt too hard.

@design_RG @compass_straight_edge

@freemo @design_RG @compass_straight_edge I was thinking just a q/a thing but it may be useful, thanks eap for support

@compass_straight_edge It takes a few second to adjust too. but that is fine, it works now

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