What is everybody's view of the FCC project?

The opinions on YC seemed pretty critical in general. While I see some validity to the point that it's a shot in the dark, I also think that shots in the dark might be the best way to go. We know there are problems with our current model of the universe and aren't sure how to resolve them, maybe it'll give us some direction. The final price tag €21B sounds like a lot, but that is spread over a number of years and across multiple governments. Finally, if we don't fund a large project now, then 50 years into the future when we need a big collider for something specific we won't have the skills or expertise to build one. To me, that seems like reason enough to build something.

@comphys That is the LHC replacement right?
Well, since politicians are going to spend tax payer money on something anyways at least they are expending on science.

It could be going into much worse things, such as: mass surveillance, some useless war on the other side of the planet and business-welfare to keep unproductive jobs and companies alive.

(I'm not european)

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