@freemo I was confused earlier on by a minicircuits spec sheet for a 180 degree hybrid [1]. They only seem to sell three port varieties, I assume they fourth port is internally terminated or it isn't included somehow. Now the thing which confused me was that they referred to one of the ports as the SUM port. Hybrid couplers are often shown as 4 port devices with Sigma, Delta 1 and 2 ports. I would have thought the "SUM" port would be the sigma port, but then the output of the splitter would be two in-phase signals and it wouldn't really be much of a "180" degree" hybrid. Their SUM port must correspond to the Delta port, that is, the signal out of the "sum" port would be large if the inputs at ports 1 and 2 were entirely out of phase, I.e. the difference. It does behave this way, I tried it today, but my question is: why would they call it a "sum" port when if anything it's subtracting?! Am I alone in finding that confusing?

[1] -

@comphys Was this suppose to be a response attached to a post? It reads like maybe it was suppose to be?

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