@freemo I'm getting 500 internal server error when uploading a attachment. Used to work a few days ago. Something wrong with this instance?

@cos Nope seems to work fine.. perhaps your uploading a bad file of some sort?

@freemo 500 is a internal server error and it never should be returned to client. Bug in Mastodon server maybe? What do the logs say?

@cos can you email me the file your trying to attach so I can recreate the error, thanks.


@cos oh if your trying to upload videos that may be why. I dont think that file type is supported. You have to use video.qoto.org (which speaks activity pub so will show as a status you can boost here).

@freemo Mastodon supports video clips fine. Here's an earlier example of a working clip from the same source. qoto.org/@cos/1055558206402283

@cos True, though its very limited on codecs.. now that i have a copy of the video I can test it at least.

@cos I just tested the broken video and the working one and can confirm the one that was posted earlier that worked still works, the one you couldnt upload that is broken is still broken.. so at least I can replicate the error now.

@freemo sounds like bug in Mastodon. Even uploading a broken file should not show 500 internal error to user. I got a new camera installed today so in future the video files will be different.

@cos at first glance it looks like a filesize limit error.. It appears its limiting file size uploads to 4 megs

@cos i will try to fix this by increasing the file limit size when i get a chance.

@freemo Thanks. Too large file should give a clear error instead of internal server error. 4 megs is very little for video clips - for example twitter has 512 meg limit. For Matrix servers default size limit is 100 megs. Naturally Mastodon is not right place to publish long videos.

@cos yea, though we have a dedicated video service that integrates with mastodon that we prefer people to use because it has a shared-bandwidth model so saves us costs on larger files. But I agree 4 meg is a bit too small.

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