Our latest paper exploring the treatment targets identified by people who are sexually attracted to children is now out (and open-access) in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.


Cancel Culture Will Kill Stand-Up Comedy

My latest article for Psychology Today is now live. In it, I discuss the psychology of humor, and how ideological interpretations of jokes risk the future work of some of our more edgy stand-up comedians.


Misinformation about abuse makes prevention harder. That's why we have systems in place to ensure all the information we share is in line with the latest research. As part of this, we maintain a list of research on prevention and related topics. buff.ly/3sd0Bj9

It is academic job offer season. Don’t leave resources on the table. My coauthors and I wrote a piece on all the things you can negotiate for in a start up package outside of the salary (specific to political science, but probably similar in econ, other social sciences). cambridge.org/core/journals/ps

The SIPS grants-in-aid program is back! These provide up to $2,500 USD for projects to reduce barriers to improving psychological science.

We encourage and will give preference to fund projects led by scholars who: are members of underrepresented groups, are in training, earned their doctoral degree within the last 7 years, are working in circumstances where research/support is challenging/limited, and are outside Canada/Europe/USA.

Deadline is 15 January 2023.


Recommended: fourbeers.com/98

Wonderful episode, well worth listening to, discussing many interesting aspects of scholarly behaviors and how to address them.

And then, this absolutely brilliant initiative by Spencer to replicate all new studies coming out of the "top" journal with replicability reports.

Check out their "Transparent Replications" from @ClearerThinkng:


After initially being hesitant about the migration from Twitter I'm giving a go. Follow here for posts about , , and (focusing on political research). Hopefully this place can be a bit of a hive for a research-focused messaging!

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