I haven't done my so far so let's fix that.

You can call me Criw, I'm a second year software engineering student. I'm way more interested in low-level programming such as writing drivers than in webapps & similar stuff. I'm just starting to learn about that tho. And I like to contribute to opensource projects to learn and practice, in case you want contributors for something <3

Besides programming, I like to spend my time finding new music, and I'm recently learning to cook, so if you have any easy recipe you wanna share do it ;)

And IDK what else to tell ya'll, so if you have any question go on <3

Just adding a small note, I love <3

Running Win 8.1 on my gaming machine but I have these two babbies <3

@commandelicious Oooh cool, a bananapi, do you recommend it?

Here is my beauty <3

I wanted to use it to communicate with an CAN bus, but it's laying for two years now and has an instance of Screeps running :D

@criw In case you don't know, making your own tortillas and pasta is way easier than you'd think. For pasta, you can buy a relatively cheap hand crank pasta maker and the special flour off of Amazon. Then it's super easy to make tacos (including frying avocados) and marinara sauce!

@hashtaggrammar wow, did you read my mind? Cause I've been wanting to do tacos for a while. I don't know if I'm good enough but I'm gonna try it, thanks!

@criw Post pictures when you do! A fresh tortilla makes such a huge difference

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