Couple of things I forgot:

- Allows you to select between glibc and musl c standard lib implementations
- I haven't tried, but it's supposed to work on ARM and other embedded devices

Hey Linux users, give some love to @VoidLinux . An amazing distribution built from scratch.

- Unique xbps package manager.
- LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL.
- Runit instead of Systemd.
- Rolling Release, but unlike Arch, each new package or update requires a successful compilation via Travis on GitHub.


And feel free to ask anything if you are curious ❤️

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Today I tried to read in the bus and I got a headache. 😭😭😭

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Hi all we did NOT migrate the servers yesterday but instead just begun that now. It shouldn't effect anything until I redirect the DNS in a few hours. At that point there may be momentary downtime. I will keep everyone informed ont he schedule.

Cyberpunk 2077 is looking really good as a single player and I want them to focus on that, but how cool would be a roleplay-focused multiplayer in a future expansion 😍

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Hello everyone, starting a little bit late today but have work to do, how are you doing? <3

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Does anybody have any idea about how many users this social media platform has? I'm enlisted with QOTO.org but I keep seeing folks with other domain names on this too. Still trying to figure this platform out.

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A Python question regarding large file transfers over HTTP Show more

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Is anyone of you still using the and if so how do you access it? Provider? Google groups?

Have ya'll seen the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay? 😍😍😍

Just adding a small note, I love <3

I haven't done my so far so let's fix that.

You can call me Criw, I'm a second year software engineering student. I'm way more interested in low-level programming such as writing drivers than in webapps & similar stuff. I'm just starting to learn about that tho. And I like to contribute to opensource projects to learn and practice, in case you want contributors for something <3

Besides programming, I like to spend my time finding new music, and I'm recently learning to cook, so if you have any easy recipe you wanna share do it ;)

And IDK what else to tell ya'll, so if you have any question go on <3

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I seem to live in a small city under a rock, but the past month I went in vacations and found a really cool concept I hadn't thought about: it was a cafebrary, which is a mix between a cafe and a library, where you could drink something while reading or buying books, really cool 😍😍😍. I wonder what interesting concepts are out there and I haven't found yet

I need to know that ugly secret everybody else seems to know; how do you drink coffee without sugar?

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Loki~'s tips for being motivated at home: (2/2) Show more

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Loki~'s tips for being motivated at home: (1/2) Show more

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The birth of #Linux :tux:
27 years ago.

On August 25 1991 Linus Torvalds wrote to comp.os.minix:

"I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and
professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones."

"won't be big" he said. 😃

Happy birthday, Linux, and congratulations to Mr. Torvalds.


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