Looking for antenna switches that will work with Motorola SLR5500? bit.ly/3zJLg2P

Can you make a MOTOTRBO repeater by connecting two mobile radios together? bit.ly/3VsgBzH

Not mental health awareness month; week, etc. but I think this picture sums up what a lot of people go through every day without anyone noticing. [Image credit @CaresOneNo via 🐦]

Is there any decrease in radio sensitivity when you activate Enhanced Privacy? bit.ly/3UJz0Gi

We have two DR 3000 stand alone repeaters which randomly block transmission on their own bit.ly/3QoyJaH

What would be the minimum set of hardware and software needed for ... ? bit.ly/3V0ePpC

OTAP doesn't require a repeater as long as you use a Control Station. bit.ly/3HQf6Uk

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