@DK4HAA @dl2jml General>>General Settings, under the General section *but* the setting in the radio is only applicable to the radio when it is in talkaround mode (i.e. no repeater). The actual group call hang time is set in the repeater so there's no way to improve it other than doing something in the repeater.

@freeschool I suppose in hindsight I could have made the post title a bit more wordy but milk is already spilled so ...

Is there any decrease in radio sensitivity when you activate Enhanced Privacy? bit.ly/3UJz0Gi

We have two DR 3000 stand alone repeaters which randomly block transmission on their own bit.ly/3QoyJaH

What would be the minimum set of hardware and software needed for ... ? bit.ly/3V0ePpC

@DK4HAA We’re not allowed to share software (even upgrade packages). Please ask your dealer to contact us - we (more specifically my colleague who looks after Germany) have access to all the firmware and can help them while keeping us out of trouble ;-)

OTAP doesn't require a repeater as long as you use a Control Station. bit.ly/3HQf6Uk

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