#Motorola DMR/firmware help needed: I have a new old stock DP4401, firmware vers. R02.04.00 from 2012, I think it is. I'm looking for old firmware to get the radio step by step up to a more recent version and be able to program it with CPS2 in the future. Upgrading right to R02.09.00.0001 (last CPS 16 version) or R02.10.00.0001 (first CPS2 version) is not possible, due to the large firmware-steps. Local dealer can not help. CPS 16 and recent CPS2 are available. Any ideas? #mototrbo

CC @cwh050


@DK4HAA We’re not allowed to share software (even upgrade packages). Please ask your dealer to contact us - we (more specifically my colleague who looks after Germany) have access to all the firmware and can help them while keeping us out of trouble ;-)

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