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Clearly I grew up in the eighties because whenever a helicopter flies past, one of three television theme tunes become an earworm, depending on the look; sound´and what Flight Radar says.

Installing MOTOTRBO Radio Management and other applications on virtual machines 📖

I’ll be at @pmrexpo again this year but as a regular visitor. This means I’ll actually get to talk with people and call it a day when my feet get tired.

Not mental health awareness month; week, etc. but I think this picture sums up what a lot of people go through every day without anyone noticing. [Image credit @CaresOneNo via 🐦]

A split in half Capacity Plus site drops talkgroup calls after 3-5 seconds 😕

When trying to install another vendor’s programming software, I get a . Let’s see if I can fix it…while in between other stuff.

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