'Latin America is taking on a pioneering role in this. In Latin America, scientific outputs are considered a public good. Free-to-publish and free-to-read cooperative publishing is supported by non-commercial and publicly funded infrastructure. Ninety-five per cent of Latin American journals are diamond open access: community-driven and collaborative platforms with no article processing charges. Their example shows us that research is a more global and diverse enterprise than is typically acknowledged. By including diverse voices, they contribute substantially to the academic landscape and the accessibility and dissemination of research3. Unfortunately, these journals tend to be excluded by indexing systems, which causes science published outside of the Global North to not receive the attention that it deserves.'

@cyrilpedia can't help but notice that this is published in an NPG journal 🤷🏽‍♂️

@rdrighetto As a Brazilian genius put it, "todo artista tem que ir aonde o povo esta".

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