@dalevross @dalevross @dalevross

Hei Dale, it looks like you got it all right. Got three accounts already? 😉

Wow.. 😃

Welcome and enjoy ours, I think it's a rather cool place. The coffee pot is there on the corner. *points* :coffeepot: :cupofcoffee:

@design_RG @dalevross @dalevross Thanks Rob. I'll try to pop in regularly. I'd love to find a nice coding home

@dalevross @dalevross @dalevross Maybe have a look at Toot.cafe, or mstodon.technology?

I am in the first, and mostly keep quiet as there's a lot of programmers talking. The second one is large instance, near 20 K accounts and focused on technology.

Applied for account there as well, waiting for invite.

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