Think that you’ll be working past age 65? 2018 survey says >25% were forced to retire, 59% retired voluntarily.

> Just more than one-quarter of them were forced to retire, possibly for medical reasons, corporate restructuring or reaching a mandatory retirement age. Fifty-seven per cent said they retired voluntarily, while the rest said they reached retirement age and felt it was time to stop working (3 per cent didn’t reply).

Do Canadians generally have enough money / pension to retire at 65? That's increasingly not the case in your poor southern neighbor (and I mean the USA, not Mexico 😓)

@michel_slm Amongst OECD countries, elderly poverty rate in Canada gets an "A" at 6.7%, says Conference Board of Canada.

USA gets a "C", with elderly poverty rate near 20% .

Further, in 2017, elders are included in "Canada's First Poverty Reduction Strategy"

That's in line with what I expect, thanks. Ageism is bad anyway but at least when you're made to retire in Canada you are not consigned to poverty

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