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New blog post: Cascadia Open Education Summit Proposals (feedback welcome!)🤞
1️⃣Using Markdown and Git Workflow for Open Courses and Resources
2️⃣Using the Modern File-based Grav CMS as a Personal Open Platform in Education

Research in : "if there were global tipping points, they will rise from the interaction of local tipping points that would amplify each other. But the question of which tipping elements can interact and how remained unanswered" writes context twitter.com/juanrocha/status/1

"Cascading regime shifts within and across scales" | Dec, 2018 at juanrocha.se/publication/casca

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I have lot of sympathy for Matt Slater's arguments for Protocol Cooperativism. This is essentially the songbook I was singing from, since the late 90s, and throughout my time working on the Aotearoa localizations of #Indymedia and #CreativeCommons. But in hindsight, those songs were naive. As Matt points out within his own essay, capitalists have already figured out ways to dominate open networks based on open protocols (eg Microsoft's "embrace, extend, extinguish"). Ownership matters.

Appreciating one of many ongoing deliberations in Canada, on improving our society. Respectful diligence takes time, and is a better than a rush to judgement when policies impact many. A free press can report on the important, not just the urgent.

> Over the past few decades, schools across Canada have moved toward a model of inclusive education, but many are struggling to find the best ways to include children with complex needs in regular classrooms.

"Educating Grayson: Are inclusive classrooms failing students?" | Caroline Alphonso | Jan. 5, 2018 | Globe and Mail at theglobeandmail.com/canada/edu

was invented by Ward Cunningham in 1995, to support the Portland Pattern Repository c2.com/ppr/ .

was invented by Ward in 2011, enabling parallel editing in a community. Renaming a "wiki page"​ as a "card"​ may make it more intelligible to novices (even those who don't remember ).

Restarted for sharing .

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@daviding @Matt_Noyes you can solve both relative cleanly with Cloudron (email server and app management) + NextCloud (calendars, contacts, files). Works fine across several devices. Even easier with a $25/year mayfirst.org membership. mayfirst.org/en/member-benefit

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#Jami is a free open source privacy-conscious alternative to Skype. Jami has no servers, calls are encrypted peer-to-peer, with personal data stored only on the devices making the call.

It's available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux from its official site:


You can follow it on here:


Jami used to be known as "Ring", and has very recently changed its name. You may see both names used during the transition period.

#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteMicrosoft

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Racing #Geely 131-horsepower Emgrand GL sedan on the #Shanghai International Circuit Formula One track. American auto journo participates in a Geely event. Interesting read. Has some unique Chinese culture on display. She may have been discounted because of being female.

Chabuduo 差不多,or "good enough" is very often used in #China, and for good reason.


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I think the argument being we should have coops that interoperate on top of a shared protocol; not one coop that dominates an entire market with a platform.

Relates somewhat to the Statebook article (newsocialist.org.uk/do-we-real), which argued that the state would serve us better if it focused on building and promoting shared protocols, not on building a Facebook alternative.

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We should view protocols as the digital means of production, more so than platforms. And that ‘protocol cooperatives’ will do more to break down capitalism than platform coops will. think the main argument being that platform coops are inherently centralised, and that as far as challenging capital goes, we should be striving for decentralised architectures.

Should we think about systems changes, in a way that we think about weather changes? SJ Marshall (also known as Joel Biroco) wrote on the meaning of Yi in the ZhouYi, which was the earlier basis for the Yi Jing (known to most westerners as the I Ching).

> In the Shang oracle-bone inscriptions this character refers to ‘a yi sacrifice to the sun’, the context suggesting a ritual intended to change overcast conditions and rainy weather, and bring the sun out again. In the inscriptions the character precedes ri, ‘sun’, literally meaning ‘change to sun’ or ‘change to sunny weather’.

"The Meaning of Yi in I Ching" ingbrief.wordpress.com/2018/12

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How using open data science has worked for the Ocean Health Index. It's impressive how big a difference their open processes have made on their progress. opensource.com/article/18/12/p #OpenScience #OpenData

Think that you’ll be working past age 65? 2018 survey says >25% were forced to retire, 59% retired voluntarily.

> Just more than one-quarter of them were forced to retire, possibly for medical reasons, corporate restructuring or reaching a mandatory retirement age. Fifty-seven per cent said they retired voluntarily, while the rest said they reached retirement age and felt it was time to stop working (3 per cent didn’t reply).


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Chinese #dissidents ask #Twitter to consider dual key accounts, where deletion of a Twitter account requires two approvals.

Chinese police have been forcing people to delete their Twitter accounts against their will. I wonder if these deleted accounts could be reinstated?

It is an interesting idea, a unique use case specific to #China, but useful to them. We in the West don't have these repressive conditions.


The traditional separation of mind and body is dissolved by Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, with Dr. Allan Abbass departing from traditional western medicine.

> it challenges the way society – and the medical system – have traditionally separated physical symptoms from mental illness and emotions, dividing what the body feels from what the mind thinks.


The maxim "the meek shall inherit the earth" doesn't necessarily mean what I thought.

> : I read this New Testament line, well, decades ago and I could never understand it.... Meek just doesn’t seem to me to be a moral virtue. [....] I’ve been using this site called Bible hub .... And the line “the meek shall inherit the earth”— “meek” is not a good translation or the word has moved in the 300 hundred years or so, three hundred years or so since it was translated. What it means is this, “those who have swords and know how to use them but keep them sheathed will inherit the world.”

"Joe Rogan Experience 1070, Jordan Peterson Transcript" | erikamentari | 2018 at erikamentari.wordpress.com/201

"The Joe Rogan Experience #1070" | Jan. 30, 2018 at podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts

> Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers
> (5) The meek.--The word so rendered was probably used by St. Matthew in its popular meaning, without any reference to the definition which ethical writers had given of it, but it may be worth while to recall Aristotle's account of it (Eth. Nicom. v. 5) as the character of one who has the passion of resentment under control, and who is therefore tranquil and untroubled, as in part determining the popular use of the word, and in part also explaining the beatitude.

Matthew 5:5 at biblehub.com/matthew/5-5.htm

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I like the overall Fediverse approach, but even the default 500 character limit isn't conducive to more nuanced and contemplative thought.

I'm hoping the effectively unlimited post length here on qoto will mean higher quality, less impulsive posts.

If that's the case, it could serve as a great alternative to Medium, for assorted blog-like content.

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We did some protesting in Brussels today for the right to repair, and against the watering down of repairability legislation therestartproject.org/restart-


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I think it's pretty clear who the real threats are to basic freedoms and human rights like privacy for people in anglophone countries, and it's not Huawei or ZTE: