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Climate change likely to reduce the amount of sleep that people get per year.

Investigators now report that increasing ambient temperatures negatively impact human sleep around the globe.

#climate #climatechange

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@SFuntowicz reminds me of TFH Allen et al's paper
Dragnet Ecology—“Just the Facts, Ma'am”: The Privilege of Science in a Postmodern World

where they quote Cronon

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NEW PAPER: Using the Panarchy framework, three propositions were identified to improve our understanding of how inequalities influence the reorganization of social-ecological systems after disasters.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/EcologySociety1/st

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In wanting to bring more content over here, I thought I might as well share a recent post on slides:

"Stop asking for slides in advance"

It seems as though this struck a chord with lots of folks. What are your thoughts? (reposting with article title, thanks @danbri)

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Taking the historical perspective, here's the gas price relative to wages, which is higher than 2014-2020, but not in a longer-term view 2/

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While institutions are incorporated to live beyond the lifetime of a single human being, perhaps fulfilling its mission can lead to a conclusion that the best course is to wind itself down. Courage at the , led by

> One of Canada’s largest and oldest philanthropic organizations has decided to wind down and distribute its entire endowment – $100-million – to expedite efforts to align the economy with net-zero emission targets.

> The Ivey Foundation has determined that the need to transform industrial policies to meet climate goals is too acute to keep funding projects at its current rate, said Bruce Lourie, the foundation’s chief executive officer. The money will be dispersed to its slate of economic and environmental partner organizations over the next five years.

> Dr. Lourie said slashing carbon emissions by 40 per cent to 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 and getting to net zero by 2050, as per Ottawa’s international commitments, are only getting tougher to achieve. [....]

> From the foundation’s perspective, the two biggest risks facing the country are failing to adequately deal with climate change and missing related economic opportunities, such as electric vehicle and battery manufacturing and transforming the power grid, as other countries establish dominance in those areas. “So, in our philanthropic work, we’re really trying to integrate those two things – Canada’s competitiveness and prosperousness, together with the need to address our emissions,” Dr. Lourie said.

"Ivey Foundation will distribute $100-million endowment to causes aimed at accelerating progress on climate change" | Jeffrey Jones | Globe & Mail | 2021-11-29 theglobeandmail.com/business/a

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🆕 blog! “A small bug in Canada's eTA emails”

There's no way that I could find to report this to the Canadian Government - and I didn't fancy trying to raise a bug report with the first Mountie I met - so here's a blog post. As part of Canada's Electronic Travel Authorisation system, prospective visitors to the country get sent emails. The email […]

👀 Read more: shkspr.mobi/blog/2022/11/a-sma

#canada #NaBloPoMo #security

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@daviding referred me to check out Mastodon. He did the same thing in 2009 with Twitter and other social media channels. Usually takes some time to learn, to connect and figure out potential benefits - Now it's time to test this one.

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Her genes were a mixture from four egg and sperm cells instead of the normal two. Her genetics derive from two separately fertilized eggs that fused early when her mother was pregnant with her.



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SUCH a cool experiment out of @HarvardLIL@twitter.com: archive.social/

Allows you to capture a thread from Twitter and archive it in sealed PDFs to attest to legitimacy.

Could be enormously useful to journalists, archivists, etc, particularly with Twitter facing a perilous future. t.co/hKTwaMJWBI

🐦🔗: twitter.com/molly0xFFF/status/

As much as channels the work of her father, , the long conversations on she used to have with him have led to ideas that are probably officially unpublished by him, and should be credited to Judith herself.

> I have come to view the consciously aware mind, as experienced by human beings, as a second Anticipatory System which has evolved within and emerged from the living physiology of the human soma. The reason I see the mind as a second Anticipatory System is because there is overwhelming evidence that the human mind has an encoded model for “Self” and for “Health (of Self)” which are independent of the somatic values, as well as its own optimality scale for evaluating sensory information.

> The models for “Self” carried by the mind and the body are independent of one another. This means that they may not match and when they do not, then dysfunction ensues. I consider Gender Dysphoria to be an example of exactly this situation.

"Robert Rosen’s Anticipatory Systems Theory: The Science of Life and Mind" | 2022 at mdpi.com/2227-7390/10/22/4172

A fork of Mastodon is Fedibird, with features more like Twitter. github.com/fedibird/mastodon

The lead developer is @noellabo .

The Fedibird site looks to prefer Japanese writers. fedibird.com/explore

If anyone knows of English language Fedibird instances, perhaps we could help others to find them.

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> Where retweets carry the veneer of an endorsement, a quote tweet can do so much more—particularly given that Twitter, in its infinite generosity, engineered the format so that the quoted tweet doesn’t count toward the character limit. The result is that you can go long above whatever you don’t like. But it’s often the short tweets that contribute the least.

... wrote


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Refugees from birdsite missing QT Quote Tweet might reflect on conscious design decisions made in Mastodon core, that could be modified in a specific instance. This means that if a poster REALLY wants QT, he or she has the option to move to an instance where that is supported.

Original 2018 Design Decision at blog.joinmastodon.org/2018/07/

Pointer from discussion thread from 2000 on Quote Toots github.com/mastodon/mastodon/i

Just because birdsite declares a unitary design approach doesn't mean that Mastodon developers haven't thought about a feature.

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To this extent I'm really interested to know how the age breakdown of people on the #Fediverse. On one hand it would seem to make sense to me that most people here remember the "old internet" before the centralization and they're here to rekindle that flame of independence. On the other hand the youths are generally pretty up on this whole technology thing. I grew up on the internet and since then smartphones have become even more ubiquitous.

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