Finally starting my move off of gmail. Still keeping the account for old email and some subscriptions, etc. that are on that address. But finding that most of my mail is coming to my own email account. Next move is to cooperative web hosting, but have to think about cost...

@Matt_Noyes The biggest challenge with self hosting communications for me, to date, isn't the email, but instead the calendaring. I had a long career with Lotus Notes calendar, and Google Calendar is still missing features but is popular and functional. I do self host IMAP email, and prefer Horde over Roundcube. Advances on calendaring seemed slow, I would like to know if they have improved.

@daviding @Matt_Noyes you can solve both relative cleanly with Cloudron (email server and app management) + NextCloud (calendars, contacts, files). Works fine across several devices. Even easier with a $25/year membership.


@ntnsndr Thanks for the link, I see there are U.S. and Mexican parts. The discussion on reorganizing as a coop is interesting. If such a platform was hosted in Canada, I might be interested. In 2016, I moved all of my web self-hosting to Canada, . Choosing across organizational governance and avoiding the U.S. Patriot Act on data access is a dilemma, for a Canadian. @Matt_Noyes

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