On sites like and , we run Grav on shared hosting cPanel servers with Softaculous. I've found those economical and reliable, @duncanhart . I wrote up when I was making a provider choice at

@daviding my preference is for #OpenBSD and using the native httpd web server. It’s rock solid but I don’t know if it plays well with Grav. I will explore further

Grav is pretty much a straighforward PHP application, @duncanhart . It was developed by one of the original Joomla founders, so there's learning that has accumulated in the newer platform. Flat file database instead of MySQL makes things simpler.

@daviding I’ve just ping’d to see if they’ve got any customer VMs already up and running with Grav.

@duncanhart @daviding I think it's more straightforward if you choose Nginx on OpenBSD instead of openbsd-httpd.

But it might not be impossible ✊



@hs0ucy @daviding that's a pragmatic approach that I like. I'm very familiar with httpd but switching to nginx won't kill me, probably 😀

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