As much as channels the work of her father, , the long conversations on she used to have with him have led to ideas that are probably officially unpublished by him, and should be credited to Judith herself.

> I have come to view the consciously aware mind, as experienced by human beings, as a second Anticipatory System which has evolved within and emerged from the living physiology of the human soma. The reason I see the mind as a second Anticipatory System is because there is overwhelming evidence that the human mind has an encoded model for “Self” and for “Health (of Self)” which are independent of the somatic values, as well as its own optimality scale for evaluating sensory information.

> The models for “Self” carried by the mind and the body are independent of one another. This means that they may not match and when they do not, then dysfunction ensues. I consider Gender Dysphoria to be an example of exactly this situation.

"Robert Rosen’s Anticipatory Systems Theory: The Science of Life and Mind" | 2022 at

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