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While the DfT are doing crap photoshops to announce a potential new office block in Derby, the Japanese are opening new railway lines and announcing them like this.

(Warning: have some tissues to hand if you're a parent) youtu.be/lseiJCAiF_o

(H/t @jeremybarraud )

Very cool - reminds me of @typejunky detailed dioramas
QT: mastodon.social/@6502B/1100706

Dart board, part of a diorama I’m currently working on. Resin print with paint filling to get the white painted parts. Dart tip is from 30 AWG wire 🎯
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For me, Twitter became "enshittified" when the service became about passive consumption.

And I get it. Some people just want to turn off their brains and zone out.

But not me.

I'm here to talk to people, have a conversation, and test out new ideas that could change the world.

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Imagine this - a single politician, a single constituency, is more important for the Tories continued hold on power than the security of our parliamentary democracy and values of our core civic institutions.


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The submission of Boris Johnson is a document of wonder

But it should not be taken seriously for its supposed primary purpose

My Substack post on today's delight


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Guy Venables on #Boris #Johnson - political cartoon gallery in London original-political-cartoon.com

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Today #Britain is watching an obvious liar , lie and then we all make a show about what a big liar he is and then we carry on as normal and the Liar carries on with his merry life.
So we make the twat sweat for an hour, and then that's it. Performance over, back to our dreary lives, the Elites will keep on taking from us and getting away with it while we suffer.
I cannot stand a second of that Posh cunt talking, so I won't be watching. This show isn't for me.

Harriet Harman opening with restating the principles of honesty from Ministers and how that's critical for the health of a parliamentary democracy.
"We'll examine what he said, whether it was true, and how quickly and mistakes were corrected. Were misleading statements made in error or deliberate?"

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The capitulation of so many Twitter-ites -- continuing to pour their work into Musk's company despite his visible contempt for (among other things) the press and democracy -- is a demonstration of lock-in, inertia, and in some cases rank cowardice.

Journalists are high on the list of those who've capitulated despite ample reason and opportunity to do better.

Among others who, by inaction, have supported Musk are major philanthropies that should (and I believe in some cases do) know better.

The other thing that came out of that discussion was that elections aren't won and lost on the campaign trail, but across the life of the Parliament. The myth of "The Sun Wot Won It" and Brown's bigoted blunders still persist in popular memory (and they should have been dispelled within political circles)

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But needs to see a lot more from Labour in terms of policy, messaging, visibility, team, dominance in debate (hard given the never ending Tory circus) and above all hope that things can get better than this. It really is there for the taking. Ps I hope Pat has a big role in the campaign"
[end quote, my reformatting into 3 parts for mastodon]

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there was massive near universal acceptance he had succeeded on 1 and 2 but not yet a majority convinced by 3. Still very little awareness of policy agenda and continuing frustration re Brexomerta. My sense is the country is absolutely desperate to see the back of the Tories.

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Alistair Campbell asking audience last night at about state of Labour:


"our live @RestIsPolitics
show at the Palladium last night when I did a show of hands on
three stage strategy - 1. Decontaminate the brand post Corbyn. 2. Show Tories unfit to govern. 3. Show why Labour is a real and compelling alternative

Pleased to see that Small Faces (1996) may be getting a sequel. Great little BBC drama about growing up amongst gangs in 60s Glasgow, perhaps overshadowed by the more sensational Trainspotting.
Did you ever see this at the time @paul_convery ?


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Harriet Harman is the current Chair of the Privileges Committee.

A lot of people are about to see just how badly behaved Johnson gets whenever he is questioned by a woman.

(Anyone who used to watch his horrific behaviour in Mayor's Question Times already knows this)

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Johnson will be be a particularly petulant and dismissive shit to Harman and Fovargue. Just watch.

You'd see it in MQT and Assembly Committee meetings all the time. Johnson cannot STAND feeling he is being held to account by women with authority over him.

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As Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart were saying yesterday, Committee sessions are often less effective as they depend on the MPs to be persistent enough with their questions.

Stewart mentioned that he couldn't get his fellow Members to attend legal training, so will this panel be strong enough to push through?

Johnson's already a master of bullshit and bluster, and will no doubt have been coached by his lawyers.

🍿 at 2pm.


Put with the kiddo, dad and bruv to see with Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell. Interesting political banter from two people people with massive experience of events of the last 25 years in , but from two different "sides".

Great podcast, but could there be a US equivalent? Who would host it?

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I want to see more analysis articles with titles such as:

"Why Do Republicans Hate Free Speech?" or

"The Republican Attack on the First Amendment" or

"Why Republicans are Borrowing from the Playbook of Fascism."

Which means I want to see more accurate news reporting that places things into an accurate framing instead of whataboutism.

#News #Press #Journalism

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