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An envelope that contained a white powder was sent to Judge Arthur #Engoron who imposed a $454M judgment against #Trump, causing a brief #security scare Wed at a #NY courthouse.

…the business-sized envelope was addressed to Engoron but never reached him. The powder was quickly determined to be harmless in preliminary testing. Further testing is being done.

#law #RightWingExtremism #StochasticTerrorism #MAGA #Republicans #StateSponsoredTerrorism #MobTactics

Pleased to see that one of my favourite artists, @WinstonRowntree, is on fedi, although seems only to have dipped a toe. Beautifully crafted mini stories of angst, anomie and self-discovery.
Archive at: viruscomix.com/subnormality.ht

Spotted an almost unrecognisable Jarvis Cocker in Wes Anderson's Asteroid City.

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So you want a quote for a thing, say a storage space, and the website is making you put in a phone number before they tell you how much the thing costs? Is the website validation preventing you from typing in a completely random number?

Worry not. Ireland has valid mobile and landline phone numbers reserved for use in TV and movies and absolutely nobody is validating for that.

Pick one from the range and be uncallable:



#mastodaoine #LifeHack

Hmm, this new sci-fi drama "Ministry of Time" sounds similar to the Spanish series "Ministerio del Tempo". Must be coincidence.


I'm not the first to note this remarkable similarity. (Spanish article) lavanguardia.com/series/202402

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Report from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Feb 21 2023

Steve Bannon: “MAGA will govern for fifty years” if Trump wins.

Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec:

"Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on Jan. 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it.... not government, but God".

Trump will address the conference on Saturday, 24 Feb.


#Fascism #US #USPol

Blimey, we all new Liz Truss was a bit unhinged but I never expected her to go full-on right-wing nutjob.

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Actors think they’re so cool because they can cry on command but, baby, that’s just called holding it back. I’m doing that constantly, where’s my award

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"Those who will mourn Navalny have fled abroad. They will sigh sadly from their permanent exile, secretly glad all the same that it was he and not them that paid the price.
Some may think about protesting or holding public vigils in major Russian cities. It is a dangerous idea, and so most mourners will dismiss it out of hand. They will go back to their families, huddle together, grateful that they can at least think freely, even if they no longer can freely say what they think. "

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"But for the vast, tired, apathetic, silent majority, Navalny’s death will barely register. ‘Who? Navalny? He knew what he was getting himself into.’ He knew."

Above quotes from Sergey Radchenko's opinion piece in the Spectator:


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'Judging by Reeves’s recent performance, they seem to care more about the fiscal hawks in their midst and in the Tory press. So much so that, to prove their mettle as bona fide austerians, they adopt the most pernicious allegory to have disgraced economic thinking.'

Why is Labour still using the self-defeating, discredited ‘maxed out credit card’ analogy? | Yanis Varoufakis | The Guardian theguardian.com/commentisfree/

@lowqualityfacts Before Netflix and fast broadband, the only way you could watch movies online was via Terminal. Someone has recreated that experience for posterity.

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> DR. FRANKENSTEIN: I'm just saying, it's a very misleading flyer

> BODY BUILDING COMPETITION JUDGE: again, we can only apologise


From @openDemocracy, a counter to Khordokovsky's vision, which is only touched on briefly in the above article:

"There is literally nothing in the book about the work of opposition politicians with the apolitical majority of Russian citizens." Which is he key problem regardless of who the opposition figure is, or if they're martyred.

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Putin's drawn out murder of opposition figure Navalny may be another step towards his end. But as Mikhail Khordokovsky wrote in November 20323, what comes next will depend greatly on how the West reacts.

Collapse of the Empire, resulting dozens of Republics modelled after Kadyrov's Chechnya, is dangerous undesireable. As is a mythical "Good Tsar", who would inevitably continue the corruption, aggression and expansionist tendencies.


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Folks, as you're spinning your quips about Navalny and the Putin regime in your reactions to today's news, please remember that Alexey's family and millions more people are in mourning.

Putin's chat with Karlsson dissected for its historical weirdness, what his assertions mean for how we view history and how nations and peoples define themselves.

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Hmmm.... the #LabourParty has overturned sizeable majorities in tow previously 'safe' #Tory seats in this week's two by-elections (in #Kingswood & in #Wellingborough).

But, while these may be indicative of a swing to Labour, they may also indicate a swing (on the right) towards Reform, which likely compounded a voting 'strike' (staying at home) by previous Tory #voters.

For leftists, the problem will be if #KeirStarmer takes this as vindication of his tack to the right & policy weakening!

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Florida authorities want to make it sound like this particular school just messed up - but they deliberately created the environment in which this is bound to happen.

This is the feature, not the bug of the reactionary assault on multiracial pluralism Florida has spearheaded. 1/


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The emphasis on “parents rights” is part of an attempt to make every reactionary white person a deputy of the reactionary state and have them help weed out and oppress dissent and deviance. It’s a fundamentally authoritarian vision of society. /end

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