New feature for Google on phones? Directions now comes with a cutesy 3D animation following the track, but adds lighting conditions, twinkly street lights, stars and weather effects. Same journey tomorrow has raindrops over the screen.

unveils their 2025 City of Culture social media blitz. I *love* the new , reminds me of the 70s/80s which was actually a mastepiece of , capturing the b and the d, the word "wool", and maybe hinting at the sandstone mills and railway viaducts.

Commodore brand revived with badge laptops and bluetooth earphones.

Interesting but unexpectedly exhausting day hearing candidates for new HoD. Not been involved in this process for the previous 3 in my time here, but was really great to hear from people who have identified the current and future challenges, bring fresh ideas and experience.

Biggest disappointment was the lack of academic staff who made it in person. Their loss as there were plenty of lunch leftovers.

"Extremism is damaging British society."
"Wait, not the *good* kind of extremism."

For the nth time in the last decade, Byng Place / Gordon Sq / Tavistock Sq being ripped up. How much is this costing each time? No wonder councils have no money when dodgy contractors and subcontractors are hoovering it all up.

Pleased to see that one of my favourite artists, @WinstonRowntree, is on fedi, although seems only to have dipped a toe. Beautifully crafted mini stories of angst, anomie and self-discovery.
Archive at:

Spotted an almost unrecognisable Jarvis Cocker in Wes Anderson's Asteroid City.

@lowqualityfacts Before Netflix and fast broadband, the only way you could watch movies online was via Terminal. Someone has recreated that experience for posterity.

Well folks, I've given it a couple of months, but have concluded that beards are a) too much faff and b) don't work for me. It was fun while it lasted.

Also it's a different colour to my head.

"I came across a cache of old photos and invitations to teenage parties..." - Pet Shop Boys, Being Boring.

One aspect of getting older is realising you have to get rid of lots of stuff. Events and memories that we marked at the time, but friends who have moved on, acquaintances on a fun weekend. For me a reminder of good times in my youth, but meaningless to my kids who will one day have to soft through and discard, as my own parents are doing.

So thanks to Matt, Annette, Richard, Maeve, Aoife, Alex and the rest I have forgotten the names of. These were good times, and that's all my kids need to know. It was 1999 and we did party hard in Ireland.

Tokyo crash - imagery analysis 

Again, someone will do a more accurate version of this, but we can see how the right wingtip of the Dash-8 is just at the nose of the A350, whilst A350's engines are larger than the diameter of the Dash8. A complete rear-end would have shown much more damage on the A350.
Likely the A350 nose hit the wing, span the Dash8 to the left and the A350 engine also just caught the wing. There's little other damage on the A350 left wing that would suggest a collision with the rear stabiliser.

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Tokyo crash - imagery analysis 

Quick comparison of the two aircraft that collided at Haneda. Shows how it was possible for the A350 to have relatively little damage immediately after the collision (collapsed nose, dent on the left wing, no damage down the left side of the fuselage).
In the absence of mm accurate radar and black boxed, analysis of the landing lights just before collision will be key.

Kiddo had a 6am work start so I walked her round, then managed a 5km run for the first time since October. Then discovered my new shoes, whilst comfy, are "Women's".
Apparently this means wider toebox and narrower heel. Who'd a thunk it?

Lol, linkedin. No. Science minister who bleats on about "woke ideology" in HE?

Evening walk around central London and I couldn't be any less festive. Rampant consumerism, piped jollity, this prison camp of brightly lit entertainment, and yet there's so much darkness and suffering in the world.

Should have looked closer. The second photo above was some gorgeous pastries, also a staple of BA cafes.
This is what a cabinet of empanadas looks like. NB: they are not at all the same as Cornish Pasties.

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One thing I really miss about is Alfajores and Empanadas. In BA there would be shops with rows and rows of these, all different varieties, but here they're usually presented as greasy tiny dumplings. Found Chango just off Bond Street in , and these are *really nice*.
Any Porteños need to pay attention - you would clear up.

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